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The Great Final of Creative Writing!

Zwycięską pracą ostatniego tematu w ramach projektu Creative Writing zostaje opowiadanie Mileny Zdrojewskiej z klasy 2D.

Specjalne wyróżnienie ląduje na dłonie Zosi Stawowy również z klasy 2D 🙂


Dziękujemy serdecznie wszystkim uczestnikom za ich kreatywne prace stworzone w tym roku i z niecierpliwością czekamy na kolejne już od września!

Poniżej zwycięskie prace 🙂


I’ll be good, I’ll be good
For all of the times that I never could.”

Who am I?
I raise slowly my eyelids and then dazzling light hurts my eyes. To be honest, I have no idea where I am. My brain is filled with a maze of various pictures but none of them reminds me of anything. On my left side I hear an irritating sound which is probably given off by some equipment controlling my heartbeat. When I try to move my head, a crippling pain crushes me with the power that makes me get rid of a wind.
-You shouldn’t move, honey. Your wound won’t have got healed up in about two months.

I don’t know why but this unfamiliar voice makes me feel calm. I give my head a turn to see the person who is talking to me and I can’t believe my eyes. This woman is just the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Ekhm… yeah I can’t be sure about that fact but when I think about word beauty, to my mind doesn’t come anything more suitable than her appearance. Her face looks as if it was made of smooth marble, her blue eyes are so piercing that I can’t stop the feeling that she sees clearly my thoughts. Finally, her perfectly gouged out lips form a breathtaking smile. When I look at her I feel as if I was looking at a being out of this world. She wears white overall so I can make a conclusion that she is probably the nurse. – Do you remember anything? How do you feel?

My brain analyzes her words with effort. But still, I have no idea even about my name so I push myself and try to say something.
– Who am I? Where am I? Why don’t I remember anything? – I’m surprised with the timbre of my voice. It’s deep but still very weak.
– You have already awoken from coma. Two months ago you were shot by the policeman when you tried to rob a bank. The bullet nearly damaged your heart and made it stop for a while but we managed to bring you back to life.
– Wait, wait … So you say that I was dead for a moment?
– Exactly. Trust me, you’re a lucky. You received a second chance to repair you life so please, don’t waste it.
– Mhmm… Who am I? Why did I try to rob the bank? – The race of various thoughts in my head causes terrible headache and makes me feel more and more exhausted even if five minutes ago I didn’t take into consideration the fact that the human can be more tired after a very long sleeping.
– Oh… You just had a really hard and complicated life. Your mother died during delivery and your father was addicted to drugs. He didn’t pay attention to you so at the age of fifteen you gave up school and started to commit petty thefts with the group of people from your district. But when you were seventeen you overdosed some drugs and your friends, convinced about your death, just left you in the dark street. But you got over it somehow. You have never seen that group again but you had no education so you had to keep on robbing shops. You were one of the criminals that police wasn’t able to catch no matter how hard they tried. But one time you made a mistake and chose a bad object of crime. Then police finally brought it off to arrest you. Well, they didn’t arrest you because you had to recover from the injury and that’s why you’re here – in hospital.

I can’t believe my ears. I pray in my mind for the moment when this woman will tell me that it is only a big joke but it doesn’t happen. I don’t even notice when tears start to go down my cheeks. Suddenly, I feel the warmth of her hand touching mine.
– We gave you the second chance, honey. It’s hard but we believe you will deal with your problems. You’re still so young, you can do anything you want to. We’re sure that everything what was bad in you died when your heart stopped that night. Now you’re a blank piece of paper. You have to take responsibility for your previous actions but after a few years you can start everything from the very beginning. Do your best and just appreciate every single day, even every single breath.

It definitely has to be only a dream. What second chance? Things like that don’t happen. Out of the blue my eyelids become again so heavy that I can’t stay awake and gradually fall asleep. One thing that I’m able to say is “Who are you?” and then I see for the last time her beautiful face and the glaze of light. After that everything disappears and the darkness covers me again.


I don’t know when I awoke again but now my only companion are the rays of light coming into the room through the window. This view fills me with hope. That night the old me died – the one who wasn’t even worth loving. But the same night I was born again. It’s the new beginning of…. One moment. Ugh, really? Why did you forget to bring me my name back?!



Have you ever been in love? I mean this crazy, unclear and the most beautiful thing that lifts you 5 meters up from the ground, that doesn’t let you sleep or eat. Have you ever looked at someone and thought they are The One, Your Forever Person? I know you’ve been there, so listen to my story.

It all started in summertime, when nights were hot and sweaty. That’s when the love came out of the blue. I remember the exact moment when I first saw this boy. This time I was working late to earn money for a trip through Europe. I was coming back home, tired and sleepy after hard shift when he showed up from around a corner. I threw a glance at him and started to be afraid of a big guy coming closer to me, late at night, in a dark street. All he did was ask where I was going to. That was the sparkle that caused big fire. I can’t find in my memory what was so magnetic in him that I stopped walking to talk to him. His voice was smooth and his eyes sparkled. He walked me to the door, what made him the hero in my eyes. It was enough to assure myself he was my prince charming. We met and couple days later decided to fall in love immediately. I considered it as romantic, ideal and fairytalelike. Just like princess in Disney movies, I saw him and went for it, loved him from the first blink, which as I thought was rare and amazing. He casted a spell on me, I committed my whole life to the romance, lost myself for him, forgot about family, friends and hobbies. But I was happy, because I had him. My sweetheart, my pillar, my everything. I based my whole world on the idea of being his girlfriend. I didn’t exist without him. While I couldn’t imagine living without him, he was busy with making a plan to leave me. His face was so calm when he was casually saying goodbye. How was I supposed to react? Nobody has ever showed me what to do when my whole world was leaving me. I wasn’t even heartbroken. I lost my heart, soul and mind to this boy. I gave up on everything important but him. Without him, I was dead. I was taught how to fall in love, how to say sweet compliments and give unrealistic promises. Why hasn’t anybody told me how to fall out of love? After this breakup I disappeared. Doors to happiness were closed for me forever. I got stuck in sadness and hopelessness. I didn’t see any light, any opportunity to heal.

And that’s when I met Tom. He wasn’t a thunder. Neither was he an earthquake or butterflies in the stomach. Tom was just a very ordinary and not very handsome waiter in my favorite coffeehouse. Long months he asked me every day if I wanted my coffee with extra milk until one day he didn’t have to ask it anymore. We talked about weather and the weirdest customers of the coffeehouse. Tom was easy to stay with, he didn’t demand answers and I understood his weird wits without explanations. I helped him with cleaning the floors and making fancy patterns with cinnamon. I started to be interested with things he was talking about. The books he has read, places he has visited and adventures he has survived were so impressing that I was embarrassed. I haven’t experienced anything that exiting. My whole story was this boy who stole my heart. Thanks to the waiter from the best coffeehouse in the city I found that inner power to build my self-esteem on my own. I learned to be one whole, my own perfect matching without need to be completed by an other half. I became independent enough to feel not lonely but comfortable while being alone. Tom rescued me from self-destroying and drowning in tears by showing me all the things to accomplish. First I had to work on myself, but when I was fully repaired, Tom slowly became somebody more than just a waiter. One day he also walked me to the door of my place and I realized how strong were my feelings for him. But I never had to fall in love with him. There is something aggressive even in the expression- falling causes pain. My love to Tom was born not from need to be loved but from willing to love, that’s why it was generous and gentle instead of hurtful. It gave me power to be better, but me and Tom had to build our connection, it wasn’t given to us from the pink fairy.

Here comes my real question: have you ever lost yourself? Have you ever experienced a situation in which you get stuck and let your eyes wander for too long on the closed door in front of you? Turn your head, look around. Let your intuition sparkle inside you. Follow it. Cherish every opportunity and seek new ones, be content with every step you take. Life is about change, pain brings growth, and transformation happens when you allow yourself to be flexible. You don’t know where the next door will lead to, and this uncertainty makes the deal even more fascinating. No matter what you are going through now, it will pass. You are where you are supposed to be. Sit back and relax.

Now focus on the open doors, the ones that will lead to new ideas, thoughts and experiences.

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