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Creative writing’s culinary show

Zwycięskie opowiadanie autorstwa Pauliny Bak z klasy 3B po raz kolejny zachwyca.

Tym razem laureatka przygotowała niezwykłą ucztę językową 🙂

Enjoy the reading!

In the meantime… kolejne tematy konkursu piśmienniczego Creative Writing:

  1. Greeting: Write a story or poem that starts with the word “hello”

2. Smoke, Fog, and Haze: Write about not being able to see ahead of you. Any interpretation is acceptable.

Zatem zapraszam Cię do twórczej i językowej przygody na papierze:

  • Praca powinna być napisana po angielsku, samodzielnie, w przedziale do max. 4500 – 5000 znaków w edytorze tekstu np. Word (2 strony A4)
  • Termin wysyłania prac przez dziennik Librus (Joanna Seweryn) lub e-mail (jwseweryn@gmail.com)  22 marca 2020 (niedziela) 23:59


Culinary vibe: a story where flavours and scents of food complete the plot.

The way to a WOmans heart is through HER stomach

Paulina Bak

He stormed in the kitchen, slammed the door shut and pulled an apron on. He was running out of time, she could be there any minute. Neither rhyme nor season was put into the process of preparing this meal. A simple, yet complex question was rumbling in his head, What does she want to eat?!. He grabbed a few carrots, chopped them up while, simultaneously, boiling the water in a pot. Orange, tiny wheels were thrown into the heated stock, followed by tomatoes, aubergines and a plethora of spices. The pasta was almost al dente. Spellbinding cauliflower trees marinated in saline shoyu were sizzling in the pan, and then, started burning when he added a splash of her favourite alcohol. The clock was ticking, beads of sweat covered his forehead, flowing down into his eyes. Great he said, Im culpable of a magnificent dish..

With cutlery already laying on the table that was garlanded with a lacy tablecloth, he placed everything that had been cooked a while ago in the very cherished chamber of his. She came promptly for the appointment. The scents led her by the nose to the table; she sank back into the armchair and stared peeking at all of the masterpieces he managed to create. Not only was he pressurised but starved and famished. He had to wait; acting as a fierce animal was not gentlemanly.

She plated up every single dissimilar piece and dug her fork into the most appealing looking one. Her lips covered with red lipstick opened fractionally and the first serving smelling intriguingly touched down her tongue. She closed her eyes unwittingly. A veritable taste bud battle began. The warmth of this tiny bit of heaven was so profound that it filled not only her digestive system but also her entire body and even her soul. Sweetness, bitterness, sourness, saltiness, savouriness were dancing in her mouth, tingling and tickling by turns. She had never felt such an intense, beyond her wildest dreams sensation. The tastes were overlapping, lap dissolving and combining into one, significant totality. Then, she swallowed. By doing so, the gate for new combinations was wide open. The soft, yet crunchy texture was gone, but a fresh palate trespassed. A sour aftertaste is essential while consuming something allegedly mouth-watering. Not in this case. She was flabbergasted, her eyelids burst ensnarling the light. He was eating his portion casually, as it was not a big thing. ‘If this is not his signature fare, I’ll have to marry him to eat such pieces of art on a daily basis negligently’ – she thought.