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Podsumowanie projektu Creative Writing

Każdy konkurs rządzi się swoimi prawami, a tegoroczna edycja konkursu piśmienniczego Creative Writing zaskoczyła największą różnorodnością tematyczną pojawiającą się dotychczas. Co najważniejsze, pasja twórczego tworzenia w języku angielskim w Sobieskim nie maleje 🙂

Poniżej znajdują się Laureaci Projektu oraz ich zwycięskie prace w roku szkolnym 2017/2018.

Nagrody zostaną wręczone dn. 08.06.2018 (piątek) w bibliotece szkolnej o godzinie 8.50. Zwycięzcom należą się szczere gratulacje 🙂 🙂 🙂

See you guys in September! 🙂


Jarosław Herman

Money-free life. Worth it?

“Money is essential”. The majority of the society members want to have as much money as possible, so they obviously share this opinion. For me, it has a different meaning. As one of the four Yorkshiremen from “The Four Yorkshiremen” sketch said (the only member of the group actually from Yorkshire) – “Money doesn’t buy you happiness.” You simply have to earn it (or at least possess) to live a good life, but you can’t be money’s slave – it’s not happiness itself. To sum up, I am convinced that it’s not worth it to live without money.

To begin with, let’s talk about family. It has no right of being if there’s no-one who can maintain it. The world today is based on economy. You have to work to pay taxes, so that your children can learn or have a good health care. You can’t do without clothes, not to mention a place to live. It’s so simple that it requires no explanation.

What is more, all those people who say they want to “leave the society” and live “without money” make me laugh. It is truly stimulating how much life offers to us. Nature is just pure happiness. I could contemplate it on and on. Wonderfully, but a man lives with change! Sometimes you may want to leave the everyday world and enjoy living without money and marvel at world’s beauty (well I experience many moments like that!) But if you do so, you’ll miss the old life, sooner or later. So there’s no point in doing that.

On the other hand, when I think about a money-free life, I have conventuals in front of my eyes. They make a public profession of poverty. That’s something amazing, because living without money runs counter to most of our cultural understandings of success and happiness. Challenging these norms delights me. How would it be if I got rid of all my possession and lived like those monks or similarly? They are happy, aren’t they? But there is only about 30 000 of them in the world (Catholic ones).

Taking everything into consideration, I can certainly say that a money-free life would be extremely difficult. It’s good only for a very few, and most of them can’t create a basic social unit, which is family.


Wiktoria Cieślik

The Story

Tuesday. It was really late in the evening. I was coming back from the hospital because at that time I was working as a medical intern. The day was extremely tiring- a lot of paper work. I had been working hard all day, and I was looking forward to going home.

Four days earlier I had a fight with my ex-boyfriend. After I found out that he was cheating on me, I told him that I had to think about whether we could continue this relationship. Actually I thought he would message me over the weekend, but I did not receive anything. On Monday after work when I went out to eat something I met him with a lot of my friends. They were looking at me with “How could you do that.” look. I was quite confused. Then my ex-boyfriend said “Well hello to the girl who cheated on me.” My jaw dropped. He told all my friends that because of me we broke up. Probably that’s why he didn’t message me- because my amazing ex-boyfriend just made fun on me and spread a lot of rumors to clean himself. I immediately told him that he has one day to take away the rest of his stuff from my house and I would love to kill him now. Then I went my way. I wasn’t upset and I wasn’t crying. I was extremely furious. Actually if I was mentally disturbed, I would have killed him.

Back to that Tuesday. I came back home and sat down at the desk. Even if I was tired, I wanted to start drawing my new weebton. After two hours I started feeling sleepy but I got inspired and I decided to finish my work. I pulled my glasses off and I went to the balcony. I had to ventilate. I didn’t see anything so I just did some exercises. I returned to the room and went to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and saw that I had nothing to eat. “Fast walk to the convenience store”- I though. I looked at my watch, it was 11 pm. “I still have some time.”

It was completely dark outside. Yes it’s quite obvious, that when we there’s night it’s dark but then even lamps didn’t work. In the store I bought drinks and some snacks. Nothing special. It was really late so the salesmen didn’t even look at me. I paid and went home. There wasn’t a living soul outside. But suddenly I noticed someone on a bike. He was dressed all black. When he passed by me, I heard the melody from his headphones, but the man disappeared really quickly. It was midnight, when I was coming home happy thinking how I would finish my webtoon. I stood in front of the door of my flat, I took out the key and opened the door. This moment- I am going to remember it till the end of my life- I entered my flat and saw a lying body on the floor. I totally freaked out. I went closer and saw Dean- my ex-boyfriend. The blood was everywhere. I made a big mistake because I touched the body. I started crying and panicking. I finally called the police. I sat on the floor and I leaned my hand against my head. After 10 minutes, the police arrived and my horror began.

At 3 am. I was still at the police station. They interrogated me but I couldn’t say anything. Then suddenly, one of my friends ran into the place where we sat and started to shout and cry. Even if we were friends for like 5 years, she literally accused me of killing Dean. The policeman told her to calm down but she said “I remember. I remember one day when we went out for dinner, we met her. She said that she would love to kill him.” I felt a heat stroke and I also remembered that day. But then it was a joke. It really was a joke. I felt so powerless at that moment. The detective just looked at me. And that’s how I became the main suspect in the murder of the son of the Attorney General.


Karolina Dziekanowska

Is totally money-free life possible to live?

Money is like a bonus in our life. A temporary thing which could be taken away in any second. But what then? Would you deal with it? Could you live happily without money in a few months or even years? Every silver cane has a grubby end and I want to sink in this topic and find out the answer for the question in a title.

First of all living without money could be the craziest adventure in your life. Just think about all of the opportunities which could be given you when you will go for example hitchhiking. You could go literally everywhere holding only one tiny backpack instead of a big luggage. What is more, another huge adventage could be meeting new people from all around the world. But here it is, the very first confusing thing, because you never know if you go in a car whose owner is Mr Nice Guy or a serial killer.

Anyway, assuming you have finally gained your goal-place driving with strangers and nothing petrified happened. Now you are in Puerto Rico having no money, no food and not knowing anybody. You don’t have even a cellphone! What are you going to do? It is very stressful, isn’t it? Situations like those, while having nothing helpful, improve our selfconfidence and courage because of forcing us to talk and ask strangers for help.

Many people think that without money you don’t have food or any services either. This doesn’t have to be true. I could even say it pressures you to be more creative! Having your own little greenhouse with organic food would be really nice and, to be honest, way more healthy than vegetables from supermarkets. And if it goes with service- there is a possibility that in your neighbourhood there are some fixer-uppers and freaks. So you could try to ask them about giving their goods in exchange with your plants or any help. I’m sure that over 50% of them would say yes, because why not? Frankly, it is not an easy life, for sure, but if you want to – you could run it.

Taking everything into consideration, money-free life IS possible, certainly for short period of time. Maybe not in long term, but in my opinion, everybody should try this. It’s a way to feel free like an uncaged bird.


Natalia Żyłka

The Interview

My biggest fear is death, but when my head is full of bad thoughts I put my favourite Yves Saint Laurent perfumes on, cause they always bring me good memories”
Dominika Bednarz

Through the past few years of working for the magazine I had many opurtunities to talk with diffrent, interesting people, but when I heard that I can interview Dominika I was extraordinary exited.
We meet in one of her favourite cafe in town. After a few minutes of our meeting I could already say that she is so charming and amusing. I preapered a huge list of questions for Dominika but we didn’t have much time so I had to choose the most interesting ones.
It isn’t hard to notice that smile dosen’t leave her face, so I asked if she gets upset and unhappy sometimes. She laughed and told me she hates when the internet in her mobile phone doesn’t work and it always makes her angry. As an interesting fact, I can add that Dominika said she also often gets annoyed by her friend Ania (I think I shouldn’t reveal her surname) but she loves her anyway.
We were talking a bit about Dominika’s memories from the past. Her happiest memory is a day in which she met her best friend Natalia Sokal – who also thinks it’s really cute? But to not to make the atmosphere too nice I also asked Dominika about the most embarrasing moment in her life. She nostalgically looked through the window and started to think.

I don’t know if it’s the most embarrasing moment from my life but few days ago I ran into my friend at school. I was waving to her but she didn’t notice me and I felt so embarrased, beacause everyone around me looked at me laughing” – she replied.

I was curious what she thinks about her own appearance, because as a known person she should feel confident. She replied me fast that she doesn’t like her eyebrows, because they are too thin.
I finished our conversation with somewhat philosophical accent.
„If you could edit your past, what do you think you would change?” Dominika realised that she wouldn’t change anything except one little thing.

I think I would say sorry to my sister, beacause I drive her crazy and I believe that sometimes she is not able to stand my behaviour.”

In the world, there should be more as positive and sincere people like Dominika. Talking with her was a pleasure and I hope that we will have a chance to meet again.


Weronika Leśny 


Once upon a time there was a dog called Nicky. He lived on a farm with a small family.

On the farm there were a lot of animals that Nicky could have been friends with.

Unfortunately he couldn’t make friend with anyone, and he had no idea why.

One day when Nicky was lying in a shadow of a tree, sheltering from the heat of the Sun peeking out through the clouds, the small bird touched down nearby.

“Hey buddy, I’m Fency, why are you lying here alone so sadly?”

“Well, no one wants to talk to me. I don’t know why. I tried to make friends with cows, horses, ducks, chickens, hens, even cats! But everyone turns aside from me. Furthermore I suspect that they dish me, because they are murmuring and whispering among themselves and when I’m going by the stable, they immediately stop this inane yak!”

“Well, actually I came here because I was observing you for past few days, and I think I have an idea of why they do so.”

Fancy started to explain…

You, readers, must know that Nicky has a great heart, treats everyone well, does not scream at anyone and has never hit or hurt anyone in the farm. Yet his main defect was that he didn’t have a chance to take a peek on the other dogs’ behavior, and in a result he turned out as a really bad-mannered dog.

When he was drinking, he was slurping. While he was eating, the only sound that you heard was smacking.

To make matters worse during the full moon he could have been whining even whole night.

When he was stressed out and tried to make friends with the other animals, he was often stumbling and didn’t know what to say.

He also tried to make friend with cats but they were always only glaring at him nervously because after considering the fact that Nicky is a dog, cats were quite sure he will shoo them away sooner or later.

“Now you understand buddy? I suspect that’s the reason why they stare at you so unkindly and discourteously.”

The dog scratched his head with embarrassment.

“You might be right. When I’m lurking other animals on the farm, they always take slight sips while drinking and small nibbles while eating.”

“You see buddy! There is nothing easier than just changing your behavior when you finally see your mistake.”

“Thank you Fancy. You are the first person in my life that was completely straight with me. You are the most genuine and polite bird I know. Would you like to be my first and the best friend? I promise I will change my behavior.”

“Of course!”


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