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Uczta dla czytelnika, coś co zaskakuje i budzi emocje – tyle na początek, a po resztę zapraszam poniżej – zwycięskie prace konkursowe:


TOPIC: Write a story that begins with an unusual phone call the main character of your story has recently received.

”Hi Luna, sorry for not returning back home before the curfew. Tell ma that I’ve already eaten and you eat the supper without me. I’m on my way home. Ta-ta for now!”

Luna was flabbergasted. She fell silent. Questions about the stranger calling her have been thudding in her head. Luna knew it wasn’t a blunder, the voice was somehow near and dear. Then, a faint voice in her head whispered silently, gradually snowballing and at the end of the day – yelling. She recalled herself straight from the shoulder whose voice she was listening to. It was Nick’s voice!

She has a brother. Actually, she had. Nick was an apple of her eye. A bright boy, high-riding in every field, starting with astrology, mathematic and ending with softball and basketball. Such a free spirit, always having a go at extraordinary activities. His philosophy? ”Your comfort zone blocks the magic that happens beyond it.”. Nothing evil could happen to him. Pending that fateful day. The memories were still vivid and dolorous hence she tried her best to extirpate them as disrespectable weeds in the garden. Not only was it chimeric and unviable; so many things reminded her about Nick day in, day out.

Nick offered a bike ride. At first, Luna was thrilled and agreed instantly, captivated by an alluring adventure. Then she realized that this budding afternoon can’t be fulfilled. She promised her bestie to bake a cake for her birthday party. ”Don’t cross your bridges before you come to them, Luna. I am 9 now, remember? I can do such things on my own safely. It’s no big thing.” Nick claimed. He came home neither that day nor the following day. Not even 23 years later. Police haven’t found anything that would have led them to the reasons for his disappearance. A single soul wasn’t able to testify, no one saw him that day. No one heard from him. To this day.

Before Luna caught her breath, the caller hung up.

We all have a purpose, a certain thing that is supremely needed to be fulfilled in order to allow us to obtain happiness. Due to Luna’s attentiveness and affection towards Nick, her objective was explicit. Finding her little brother was essential.

She swiftly realized the infeasibility of the whole situation. She is 40 now. Nick would be 32. He was 9 when he went missing. Ageing inevitable. You physically can’t finagle it. ”It must have been a hostile joke. Sick teenagers! How dare they give me hell like that?! My mother is dead, so is Nick.” Luna thought. Did she really think that, though? Neither the corpse nor the bike was found. It didn’t matter. Bother her head about this unsolved case oughtn’t to destroy her day. Luna was positive about that.

She tried to go for gold in banishing those unpleasant thoughts. Supper was almost ready, Luna was exhausted even though it was bright outside. Suddenly, she heard a crash of the garage door. For the second time this day, she was petrified. ”Someone is breaking in!” She thought. Subsequently, the door that led directly to the garage opened.

”Good evening, ma’am… is either Luna or my mother at home?” the kiddo said.

”I…I am Luna…” she stuttered.

The eye-opener that pierced her soul was tremendous. This kid standing at the end of the hallway was Nick! The same clothes he wore that lethal day, the old, shabby athletic supporters on his knees, and most importantly, his big, blue eyes. She knew it off the top of her head.

”What a coincidence! My sister’s name is Luna too! Isn’t it a beautiful name, is it? Did you know, ma’am that it means ”The Moon”? Is it wonderful, isn’t it?” he said.

That was Nick, for sure.

”Okay, listen… however complex it may seem, I am THE Luna. I’m your sister. It’s 2019 now, not 1996. You should be 32, not 9 by now. Could you tell me where have you been?” Luna tried not to mumble, which was excessively problematic to her.

Now Nick stunned. He burst into tears.

”Don’t lie to me! Luna is a 17-year-old gorgeous girl and you have grey hair! I demand an explanation! Where is ma?!” Nick started to about the house, downstairs and upstairs, every pore. When he was finally burned-out, he sat down on a sofa, glaring at Luna.

”Will you hurt me?” He asked misty-eyed.

Luna didn’t know squat. How should she start the conversation? Should she even be the one who starts it? She sat by his side.

”Yeah, actually, I would like to kill you for missing for 23 years.” She responded in a jokey sort of way.

”But I was gone for a few hours! You can’t purchase a new car and redecorate the whole house in such a short period! Not mentioning your appearance!” Nick shouted.

”Listen, Nick. How awkward it may seem, you have to explain to me everything that happened from the moment you left the home till you came back.” said Luna.

”How can I trust you? You don’t even seem like my sister…” expostulated Nick.

Luna stood up and left the living room for a couple of seconds. She fetched an album on the double. Then, she started naming everyone from cover to cover. After passing 1996 Nick came across as bewildered. He began recognizing Luna in the woman that was describing the past he hadn’t had known.

”So… is it really 2019? And you have been looking for me for 23 years?” he asked.

”The case was closed after a month, the police decided that you simply escaped or hitchhiked somewhere. Mum believed that you’ll come back until her death. I thought that you were dead. A lot of children went missing during that time, unfortunately, most of them were announced defunct after a while. You were always alive in my mind, though.” Luna responded.

”Bending space or time is relatively impossible, don’t you think so? Einstein thought that time is an illusion, but I’ve never…”

”Wait, Nick. Don’t tell me that you’ve tried to cause such happening… if this everything became of those books mum bought you… I swear that this time you’re going to be missing for good!” Luna was furious. Such ideas have never crossed her mind before. It was believed that the accident was induced by a serial killer.

”I declare on oath! I wasn’t even thinking about it!” said Nick.

”Nick, now I demand an explanation.”

”But there’s nothing to explain! I left home a few hours ago. I was riding a bike, alone. Then, I called you and here I am. Thirteen years later…”

”Being more specific would also help us, Nick. Where were you riding, exactly?”

”In the forest, where can I ride a bike, huh? Ma always says… I mean… said… that road is too hazardous.”

”In the Black Forest or the Rara Forest?” inquired Luna.

”The Black Forest. Along the atomic power station’s fence. There’s concrete there. The smoother the road is, the better it the ride!” responded Nick.

”Go to bed, we’ll talk tomorrow. Your room is upstairs, as it used to be. Mum didn’t change anything at all there.”

Luna hoped for no tomorrow. She desired that the whole conjuncture was a gapeseed. Nonetheless, she couldn’t put the bending time thing out of her mind. Instead of going to sleep, she cosied in a bed with her laptop and typed in Google ”time travel”. The night flew by but Luna’s knowledge expanded.

According to Einstein, in order to travel in time, you need to ”possess” a mammoth magnitude of energy that is not available on earth. Nevertheless, humankind produces such power. As obvious as it sounds, atomic power stations do it every single day. By finding that about and delving into Einstein’s research, Luna discovered wormholes which are shortcuts through spacetime. They may constitute a bridge between different points in time. By combining these theories, she created her own.

”Nick, I am almost certain that I know what happened that day.” claimed Luna when Nick was sitting by and stirring squishy cereal in a bowl.

”I don’t like this cereal, it’s too sweet. It says ”cornflakes” but it’s more like ”sugarflakes””

”It’s high time to cease joking, Nick! You can’t come back to 1996. Accidentally, by riding around the atomic power station you encountered a wormhole. You know what’s that, right?”

”Not really… Einstein didn’t write a word about it…” answered Nick embarrassed.

”Oh, it’s also called the Einstein–Rosen bridge.”

”That’s better! I heard about it at school, but our professor told us that it was debunked because of lack of evidence of its existence and its incompatibility between general relativity and quantum mechanics.” mumbled Nick, a little bit absent-minded.

”YOU are the evidence!” yelled Luna.

”And what’re we going to do about it?”

”We have to keep it in strict secrecy. Scientists would love to carry on experiments on you. I’ve already lost you once and I’m not about to do it again. You have no idea how the call and your return changed my life.” sighed with relief Luna.

”So what? Are you going to keep me in a wardrobe or something? People will be suspicious of me. Do you have kids?” asked Nick.

”No Nick… I don’t… but that’s not a bad idea… Listen, as of this day, you’re my adopted son and I’m your foster mum.”

”You don’t have any documents and the like!” protested Nick.

”Oh Nico, in today’s world you can fabricate absolutely anything. Passports, proofs of identification and even adoption papers. You need to learn a lot. The world changed during your 23-year-old riding…”

Easier said than done, though. Throughout the first weeks, this little boy had no idea about the environment that surrounded him. Technology developed so much that sometimes he felt like people during the very first film projection in Paris. Devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, electric cars, wireless earbuds, self-cleaning cat litter boxes… who would dare to dream about them 23 years ago? Now they’re real… but seem like a spectre, Nick simply didn’t understand the haste. People were as indulgent as miserable. The only anchor that made him elated was a good book, because ”The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book.”* He was considered as an ”old soul”, but wasn’t he the purest one instead? Nick can teach us a lesson. He was over the moon 23 years ago, without the amenities today’s world provides. We’re simpler than we expect. ”Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.”** Isn’t it obvious that our destination is happiness and serenity? We obtained it and then, suddenly, sacrificed it. Are there more people like Nick? Perhaps humankind is oblivious of that, but there are. There were and there are going to be.

  • This quote belongs to Northrop Frye.
  • * This quote belongs Aldous Huxley.



TOPIC:  Write a poem, story or journal entry about numbers that have special meaning to the main character.



Awakening. Morning toilet. Breakfast.

New day, yet it feels like I already know what’s going to happen. I practiced these habits. I mastered them. I practiced living. Now I just need to live.

Drive. Learn. Smile. Learn.

I despise route I always take to school. I know every inch of it. It’s like I automatically drive. Without paying any attention to it.

I like to learn. We as humans like to understand. We are capable of deeper insight than other animals. We were made to learn and use the knowledge we gained, but what exactly is learning about? Should we shove knowledge down our throats or enjoy it? Reflect upon it? And what about understanding it?

These questions burden me, and there is no one I could ask.

Talk. Drive. Talk.

Small talk. One of the greatest abominations of social activities ever created by humankind. Most practical way of talking. Just enough to keep you going. Just enough to break this awkward moment of silence. Shallow as can be. “Nice weather. How’s school? You saw the match? How things are going?” Questions you ask, but you don’t really want to know the answer to.

Study. Netflix. Sleep.

Sometimes watching all these shows and movies makes me wonder: “How did they come up with these scenes?”. It’s obvious you would never experience them on everyday life. Winning a lottery? Your crush is asking YOU out? Some fancy businessman offers you a job without you having any qualification for it? And then you sit, wondering how great it would be if something like this actually happened to you. The thing is, it won’t.

I can’t deal with how life seems to be for a long time now. I want to change it. I will. Soon.


Awakening. Morning toilet. Breakfast.

I feel like sleeping. Time passes and you don’t feel a thing. You wake up, and life goes on.

I can’t remember when was the last time I genuinely enjoyed eating breakfast. I don’t want to be ungrateful, but it just lost its’ taste. It’s a routine.

Drive. Learn. Smile. Learn.

“Cheer up.”,“When I was your age..”, “You are to young to worry.” If I ever talk to my child like that please bring this piece up and convince me calmly that I failed at being a parent. I mean no disrespect for older generations, but your times are over, and we have different set of problems to deal with. Ones that you never imagined of. Ones you were not aware of or just denied. Your times were not harder, they were different. We are aware of obstacles you faced, we learn them at history class, and I’m sure we would appreciate cooperation with you rather than senseless denial.

Talk. Drive. Talk.

I’m glad to say that there are some people I enjoy talking to. People I can be honest with. I call them friends. They say a friend in need is a friend indeed, but some problems we face seem so trivial. Over exaggerated. Sometimes I wonder can I really rely on them? What if something serious happened? How many of them would be there for me and for which one of them I would be there for?

We can only hope that we wouldn’t be left alone.

Study. Netflix. Sleep.

Studying at home can show if you truly possess self discipline. No one is forcing you. It’s all up to you. Of course fear of failure, external pressure or other factors need to be taken in consideration, but overall, it’s our choice. More or less.

I wish I didn’t need to sleep. All these hours spent on sleeping, doing nothing but laying in bed. Imagine all the things you could do. All the fun you could get.

I’m going to make a difference. I won’t make the same mistakes. It’s going to change.


Awakening. Morning toilet. Breakfast.

Routine is what keeps us sane. Habits are easy to follow. Have you ever wondered why you maintain the same order of actions in the morning? I know people who brush their teeth before eating. What sense does it make? None. It’s a habit, one without any thought put into it.

Drive. Learn. Smile. Learn.

I like school. I really do. What I don’t like is the system that we use in it. How can you judge a person’s insight and proficiency in certain skill based on some percentage from God-knows-where? How are we supposed to measure one’s understanding? His capabilities? With an exam? Exam made with only one sole purpose – to verify if you fit into the scheme. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not students’ fault neither teachers’. And there is no point in looking for scapegoat. We are all responsible. Including those at the top. And I hope we can figure out some better solution one day.

Talk. Drive. Talk.

Finding yourself in conversation with extremely extroverted person can seem like you have fallen into the trap. It’s practically a monologue. You just need to nod and behave like you pay attention. It gets even worse when you accidentally ask about something concerning current topic. There is no end. Although after some practice you can just cut the gibberish off and drift away in your own thoughts. It gives you some space. So you can survive. But not for long now.

Study. Netflix. Sleep.

I couldn’t focus. I read but I don’t know what was it about. I watched but I have no clue what happened. It’s getting closer. Sometimes your body just does things without you even noticing it. It happens constantly. Probably right now you are frowning. Or grinding your teeth. Or playing with your hair. If you did, now that you realize it, you are smiling. If not, you just didn’t focus on this piece so much.

This is it. It’s here. Change is happening.



Awakening. Morning toilet. Breakfast.

I look into the mirror and think how things are going to be afterwards. I didn’t eat, I’m too tensed. It’s happening.

Drive. Learn. Smile. Learn.

But what if I’m wrong? What if all this is utter nonsense? Is this really the way? Am I just missing the point? I’m probably not the first one who thinks that I got it all figured out. What makes me special enough to think that I’m right?

Talk. Drive. Talk.

I can’t lose this. It’s too much of a risk. It took enormous amount of time to get here. I need the change or do I just want to? If I lose, I’m losing for good. I’m lost.


-Do it. Now. You waited enough.

-I can’t. I’m not sure.

-You will never be.


Not yet. It’s not my time yet. I need to be prepared. I need to be sure. I can do it.

I’m going to make a difference. I won’t make the same mistakes. It’s going to change.