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Wyniki konkursu piśmienniczego Creative Writing!

Zwycięskie opowiadanie  pierwszej edycji konkursu piśmienniczego w języku angielskim Creative Writing możecie znaleźć poniżej!

Serdeczne gratulacje dla autorki, PAULINA BAK z klasy 2B, którą zapraszam na wręczenie nagrody do gabinetu 122, we czwartek, 22.11.br na długiej przerwie 🙂

Raz jeszcze ogromne gratulacje!

Mając nadzieję na odkrycie kolejnych niebanalnych talentów pisarskich Sobieskiego, zapraszam do drugiej edycji konkursu i kolejnego tematu. Tym razem natchnienie autorów na nowe pomysły ukrywać się będzie pośród klimatu zbliżających się świąt Bożego Narodzenia!

A więc, …

  1. There are those who believe in Santa Claus and those who absolutely don’t. Imagine and construct a debate – story between two children who think differently on the issue. Who wins the debate and why?
  2. Making a mash-up story that mixes together characters from different books, films and TV shows can be a lot of fun, right?
  3. Pretend you are one of Santa’s elves. Write a journal entry about your day.
  4. The Scary Xmas story



Poniżej szczegóły

  • Praca powinna być napisana po angielsku, samodzielnie w przedziale do max. 4500 – 5000 znaków w edytorze tekstu np. Word (2 strony A4)
  • Termin wysyłania prac przez dziennik Librus (Joanna Seweryn) lub e-mail (asia.seweryn@wp.pl)   –> 14 grudnia (piątek) 23:59

Dla najlepszych prac ufundowane zostały nagrody!




The winning story: My last dream by Paulina Bak

One day I was extremely exhausted. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, jumped into my bed and slowly drifting off into sleep.
I remember that I was riding a white, charming horse. Its tail and crest were red and Hawaiian flowers – pink plumerias – were braided into them. I was wearing a long, airy, white dashiki dress, and my feet were bare. A few necklaces embellished with pendants with the shape of the waning crescent moon were hung on my neck and blowing in the breeze. My hair was braided and decorated with the same kind of flowers as my horse had. I was feeling free, although I did not know where I was going. I cannot ride a horse, therefore I was amazed that I had not fallen to the ground yet. The sound of the ocean and the view of the beach stretched round me were heavenly.
After an interminable, aimless journey, I saw a castle on the horizon. I reached the destination.
It was not an ordinary fortress, more like a jungle one. Creepers were wrapped round the building, monkeys were siting on the turrets, nenes were walking single files, an axis deer was striding proudly though the gatehouse, a few feral wallabies were playing together. I was shocked and abashed. I associate castles with people, pomposity and lack of animals. However, there was magical, the positivity of this place penetrated my soul. I have never before seen such an enthralling residence.

I dismounted the horse and entered the mansion looking for a human being. The building was huge, it contained approximately four towers, two stables and a few other buildings that I did not recognise. Skirting cursorily the rooms, I saw three people siting cross-legged in a circle and meditating. They were dressed in the same, huge, stained harem pants and white blouses. I did not want to interrupt them. Nevertheless, I needed to know where I was and who I was. The whole situation seemed strange to me and I had a yen for finding out my destination, target. I had no notion what I was doing there. I came closer and crouched down. They did not notice my presence, therefore I said quietly, “Good morning, I am sorry for disturbing you. If the truth be told, I have no idea who I am and where I am. Could you help me?”. The woman on my right opened her eyes, looked at me surprised and said with a smile on her face, “Hello, Your Majesty. Does everything all right? Do you feel well?”. Instantly when I had heard the words Your Majesty I felt confused. Me? Such a title? How? Maybe I was their queen… Not answering the questions, I sat down with them and started to admire the beautifulness of the place. The woman was not waiting for my feedback; she came back to the activity she had been doing before I bothered her. The silence was filled with singing birds, grunting and squeaking monkeys, hooking nenes and the ocean sounds. I said it once, but this place was almost like a paradise. After a while of sitting in silence I got lethargic and started to looking at my necklaces. Why such a shape? The woman sitting on my left gazed at me and asked if I knew what the figure meant. I answered that I did not, and I inquired her if she could tell me about it. She beamed from ear to ear and started the speech. She discussed every all and sundry meanings of the Moon. I found out that the particular shape was related to balance, renewal, femininity, receptivity, progression and a large amount of many other positive matters. The waning moon is an icon of contemplation and the purging stage, because the old cycle ends and the new one is near. She pointed out that everything has the deadline. People say, the more you get, the more you want – and this is the honest truth. I was into the conversation with my whole being.
Suddenly, a man entered the room and told me to follow him, because the time came. He was wearing only a breezy skirt, and his feet were bare. A bit surprised, I stood up, said to my new friend “See you later!”, and I did what was told me.

We were going upwards, scrambling though coconut trees. I tried to ask him where we were going, but he was beating around the bush. The travel did not take us a long period of time; I did not feel exhausted or sweated in spite of that the mountain was giant. I thought, it was a mountain.
At the peak I heard the rushing water, consequently I assumed that there could be a waterfall. We came to a table located under jacaranda trees, filled with food. The atmosphere was magical. The trees had lavender-blue flowers in a shape of a trumpet. There was not a soul here. When we sleep, even the most irrational creation of our imagination, in that particular moment when we are asleep, seems totally normal. In my case it happened, too. The mysterious man told me to sit down and got the show on the road. I asked him what he meant, and he explained that I had to eat all the products that were set in front of me. My bashfulness took control of my body; I sat down and looked at the prepared meals that were requested to consume. They contained my beloved fruits and vegetables which were grown in Hawaii, served in coconut bowls: rambutan, egg fruit, dragon fruit, strawberry guavas, poha berries, papayas, starfruit, avocados, celeries. The feast was decorated with flowers: plumerias, Hawaiian hibiscus, orchids, tuberoses. I got on the stick; it was not a big deal for me to eat everything in one sitting. I do love wholesome food! I polished off the bowls – my belly was filled to the brim. I could not move, my weight certainly increased by several kilograms! I was sure as shooting!

While siting there and admiring the comeliness of the surrounding area, unexpectedly, the four people that I had met at the very beginning of my journey appeared in the neighbouring chairs. They were giving me the evil eye, therefore I felt sheepish. I was in a fishbowl. I did not know what went wrong. The woman that had been talking with me about the spiritual meaning of the Moon said, “The end has just came. The last phase is almost finalised….” It was the most confusing moment in my whole life. I wish I could have an empty, light stomach to be able to fly away. I got stuck on the chair feeling cannon balls attached to my legs. I was toast! They stood up, raised the chair with me on top and started to carry me though the forest. I was appalled. Fear was the only feeling that was going through-and-through my soul and body, from the crown of my head to my toes. I hesitated to escape – it was my only chance to survive. Firstly, I looked too delightful to kick the bucket. Second of all, that place was not suitable for dying. I jumped off the chair and started to run as fast as I could to avoid the approaching death. I looked backward. No one was chasing me. The madness of this situation was unaccountable. All at once I lost the ground under my feet. I looked down. I was declining into the abyss and feeling escalating blood pressure in my ears.
I woke up and realised that I had just fallen off my bed. I was covered with sweat, awe-stricken, siting in the middle of my room in the completely darkness. I thought that my sister who lives behind the wall was capable to hear my breath. I leaped into the bed and fell asleep again. I slept like a log.
When the sun rose, and I was able to think logically, I began to analyse my dream. Recently I have been reading a lot about the Moon and its meaning in horoscopes, various cultures… presumably too much. Moreover, Hawaii is my impeccable place to live. It was my very first dream that was simultaneously my worst nightmare and one of the unbelievably stunning fancies I have ever had. However, I hope it was the first and last time.
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