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Prześlij swoją pracę poprzez dziennik Librus, na adres lub wręcz mi osobiście (gabinet 122).

Weź udział w cyklicznych konkursach z nagrodami. Jak do tej pory odbyły się dwa: “The unbelievable journey” oraz “Christmas Story ”

A poniżej próbka twórczości laureatek i zwyciężczyni w obu kategoriach:)


“The unbelievable journey”

1st place – Karolina Rembisz 1D

Let me tell you a heartbreaking story. It all happened about 3 months ago when my friends and me had an idea to go on a trip with a travel agency. We chose Paris – the city of lovers. I guess everything seemed perfectly fine but one weird situation stuck in our minds.

After the whole day of sightseeing in this beautiful city, we came back to our hotel. The porter greeted us and took our suitcases. When we went to our room and started chatting, we heard some noises coming from the corridor. It sounded like a kind of scream. A blood-curdling scream. All of a sudden, we noticed a young woman walking up and down the corridor. I realize you might find it hard to believe but she virtually walked into the wall and disappeared.

Somebody said that the girl was in one of the photos we took at the Eiffel Tower. When we zoomed in, we saw that she was holding a piece of paper saying Tell Joe I love him. Initially, we were really shocked and didnt even think of sleeping but after a while we did fall asleep.

For the next couple of days in Paris we couldnt stop thinking about this situation,  nothing special happened, though. On the last day of our trip, we got up early and packed our suitcases. When we went downstairs we saw that the same porter who had welcomed us before was now very upset. We asked him what had happened. He said that his fiancée had committed suicide a few days before. She jumped off the Eiffel Tower. We could see pain in his eyes – he definitely missed her a lot. Then we noticed his badge. His name was Joe.

Milena Zdrojewska 1D

Mrs. and Ms. Brown were lovely couple of people. Nearly one year ago they got married and their first wedding anniversary was approaching. Mrs. Brown decided to take his wife to Paris to make that day unforgettable. He booked room in a luxurious hotel and planed romantic trip. When Ms. Brown  came home, suitcases had been packed. She was very  moved. Mrs. and Ms. Brown went to the airport and got on the plane. After a hour they finally reached  Paris and went to the hotel. It was time for supper so they put chic clothes  on them and decided to go to the most romantic restaurant in the city. When they arrived  at LEpicure he decided to place an order and she went to the toilett. Mrs. Brown ordered the food and saw Ms. Brown sitting at the table in front of him. He came up to her and kissed her. He didnt noticed that this woman was wearing another dress and suddenly he felt horrible pain because someone had kicked him in left thigh. Woman walked away disgusted  and suddenly Mrs. Brown felt that someone had kicked him in right thigh. He opened his eyes and saw Ms. Brown crying. He realized that she saw him kissing another woman. He didnt know what to do.  He took Ms. Brown in his arms and followed the disgusted woman. When Ms. Brown and that woman saw each other both of them were amazed. They were identicial! It was such a amazing coincidence! Naturally Ms. Brown forgave Mrs. Brown and they finished their  trip kissing at the Eiffel Tower.

Marta Długosz 1D

The man dressed as Dracula
Almost every countries in the world celebrate Halloween. On this ocassion our teacher of english proposed us amazing trip to Transylvania in Romania because in Poland this holiday isnt as popular as for example in UK and Transylwania is the city, where probably live Dracula (the legendary vampire).
31th October at 10 a.m. we flew from the airport in Katowice to Transylvania. At 1 p.m. we were already in our hotel. We visited this amaznig city and in the evening we came back to our rooms and we dressed in costumes to collect candies.
Me and two my friends went togheter. After one hour we had two bags of sweets.
Suddenly we saw a herd of bats witch flew in our direction, so we threw bags and began run. When we stoped, we saw a big, dark castle. We went closer to the door and knocked. We wanted to get some sweets  because our bags missed when we escaped from the bats. The door were opened by the slender, tall, pale man. He had long dark hair, fangs and cape. I thought that it was his halloweens costume. He was very nice. He gave us pancakes with chockolate, knives and forks. We were hungry so we ate quickly. I hurt my finger by a kinfe. The droops of blood fell on the floor. Suddenly the man screamed and he became the bat! We ran out of the castel in a hurry. At 10 p.m we were save and sound in our room, but in our heads still were the same questions Is this all really happened? and Did the man was the mythical bloodsucker?

Sylwia Molitor 1D

It was a cloudy day. Rosalie was travelling to London with her best friend, Ariana. They were on a trip, organized by their school in Warsaw. Girls were sitting in the train, talking about their dreams ( Ariana was telling Rosalie that she would never ever become an actress – Rosalie wasnt happy to hear that).
I thought that this trip will be interesting stated Rosalie.
It hasnt even begun replied Ariana. Youre always so impatient.
Rosalie just growled in response. The train was slowing and they were at the railway station. They began their trip to Ascot Racecourse. After two hours of wandering around Ascot with their tour guide – Tatiana Raw (Ariana noticed she hasnt even bothered to look at the map) and funny classmates laughing so loudly, that a few older people gave them disapproving looks, they were in the front of Ascot Racecourse.
They are there! shouted Rosalie.
Who?! asked, while shouting, Ariana.
The ladies with weird hats! shrieked the excited girl.
Suddenly wind blew so hard that the hats flew straight at horses. Animals began to panic and run in every direction. Everybody was scared. Then Rosalie ran to the horses and strangely waved her arms. The animals stopped running and came to her. People started to cheer.
She was so happy that she forgot about her tour guide. When Tatiana Rave appeared, Rosalie was frightened. She was expecting some harsh words or sending back to home.
Im so proud of you! Tatiana said and hugged Rosalie.
Rosalie received a cash prize for her act and spend the rest of the trip very pleased. She returned back home glad.

“Christmas Story”

1st place – Karolina Rembisz 1D

Escape from everyday life
It all happened a few days before Christmas. Every shop, every street and every house was decorated, but one of them was completely different. If you came there you couldnt say that Christmas was coming. Not only because of lack of the entire Christmas trimming, but the atmosphere inside was upsetting. Parents, Natalie and Paul, were drinking a lot of wine while a teenage girl, Vicky, was trying to study in her room. She couldnt focus on what she was reading, so she decided to go on her Facebook.
She liked the Internet because she could run away from all the problems she had with her parents. She got a couple of messages, but first she read a message from her bestie – Olivia. They started chatting and Olivia noticed that something was wrong, so she asked what the matter was. Olivia was the only person who knew about Vickys parents problem, even though she had really good mates around her. Vicky liked going to school and visiting her friends, but she had never invited them to her house. Olivia told her she could talk to her parents, but Vicky refused. She predicted that if she told them something they would punish or ground her.
She read all the messages and noticed that one of them was from this boy. He said he had seen her that day at school and he thought she was absolutely amazing. She was shocked, but she knew she couldnt miss that chance, so she continued the chat. Joe asked her out. Why dont we go to the cinema next week? he said. She considered it a joke or Christmas miracle, but she accepted the invitation.
Joe was a tall, brown-haired and blue-eyed boy, incredibly handsome and quite famous because he played in the school football team. He was very modest, though. They were classmates but he never took notice of Vicky. She had always been just one more girl out there. But now, she caught his eye.
On the next day, she woke up and she still couldnt believe Joe had asked her out. She had breakfast and went to school. While she was going to school, she was thinking about Joe, and feeling very happy because it was Friday. When she came inside the building swarming with exhausted teenagers, which is popularly called school, she noticed a group of boys next to her locker. She came closer and then all them scattered and only Joe was still there. They hugged each other. Then they started talking and went off to their classes. That day was completely different, because Vicky and Joe spent a lot of time together.
Olivia was shocked when she saw Vicky with Joe, but when Joe had his German lesson, and girls had French, she asked Vicky what had happened. She was very glad that Joe invited her, because she could leave her house and her parents problem behind.
It was Saturday at last. Joe came to Vicky, but he didnt enter the staircase, he was only standing in front of her high-rise block. When she went downstairs and saw him, she felt something that she had never felt before. He was standing there, wearing a checked shirt and holding a rose in his hand. Vicky was wearing a lovely dress, and when Joe saw her, an uncontrolled smile showed up on his face. They were talking all way long, and then arrived at the cinema.
The movie was very touching, and when there were some love scenes, Vicky and Joe kept staring at each other, or he took her by the hand. Everything was amazing and surreal but then Vicky noticed that she had seven missed calls from her dad. Joe saw her read something nasty, so he asked her what had happened. She decided to tell him everything about what it felt like to come back home and experience a hell instead of home. Then he told her one thing which confused her. He said it sounded very familiar to him, because he had exactly the same situation at home.
Then he kissed her and told her everything would be fine as long as they were together. And they went to his house. Joes mum was sleeping, so they quietly went to his room. They were lying and hugging on his bed all night, but neither of them could fall asleep. On the next day, Vicky went back home, but Joe kept her company. When her parents saw her they only said hello. They didnt remember anything from yesterday. Joe wanted to stay there but he had to be back home at 8 a.m.
Vicky wanted to check her social media, but when she lay on her bed she fell asleep in a second. In the morning, she woke up early and went to get a present for Joe. When she bought what she wanted, she came back home and started to help with the dinner. Today her parents were sober. At 4 p.m. visitors came to Natalie and Pauls house. The atmosphere was weird. Eventually, when everyone finished their dinner, one of the adults suggested that they should drink something, maybe wine or whisky. But Joe and Vicky knew how it would end, so they told their parents they wanted to go for a walk. In fact, they went to Joes house.     They gave each other presents, had some cheesecake and drank some hot chocolate. It was very difficult to leave their parents, but they wanted to spend that special day in a different way. They knew that as long as they were together, everything would be fine and they called each other their escape from everyday life.

Milena Zdrojewska 1D

In Nigeria there was never snowy Christmas. People had never seen snow and children dreamt of building a snowman. Small Angie was sixteen years old. She was very poor because her father died because of trying to rescue a drowning child. Her mother became very depressed after that accident. She cried very often and had no strength to make money for a living. So Angie needed to grow up and start working. Every day she woke up before sunrise and go to factory and in the evenings she told amazing stories to her six-year old sister  Milly.
It was the first of  December. Angie came home after a day of hard work and saw Milly looking through  the window. Angie came up to Milly.
-Hello my beautiful princess! Whats up?
Milly was very miserable and looked as if she had been crying.
-Christmas Day is closer and closer Angie, what are we going to do? We have no money and our mother is still so depressed- she told shakily.
-Please, dont worry. I do everything I can. Everything will be okay, I promise.
Angie hugged Milly and told her a story about a princess who found a handsome prince. Milly fell asleep in the half of the story. Angie got into her hard bed and tried to fall asleep but she wasnt able to forget about Millys sad face. She went to the kitchen and counted all money that she had. She ascertained that they had enough money for her family. Angie decided to make Millys dream come true- she wanted to find Santa Claus and ask him for snow in Nigeria. She preapared her equipment and wrote a letter to Milly. She set off before sunrise and headed for the nearest air port. She run unrecognized on the carousel and thank to that she could get to Arctica. She needed to reach the North Pole to find Santa Claus. She didnt know what to do. Nobody wanted to help her so she decided to walk towards Noth Pole. She had only compass that she got from her father when she was ten years old. After a day of travelling on the feet she was exhausted and hungry. And suddenly she saw lights  in the distance. She felt relieved and started to walk towards an igloo. Angie reached the igloo and smelt smell of tasty hot foodShe fainted because of tiredness.
After few hours Angie opened her eyes and noticed that she was inside of the igloo. She was wearing warm clothes and she didnt feel hungry.
-Hallo, my name is Carol. What are you doing here alone? Its really dangerous- said male voice.
Angie twisted round and saw about thirty-year old man looking at her.
-My name is Angie. I head for North Pole, I need to find Santa Claus to make my sisters dream come true. Thank you for your help but I need to go. I have no time!
Angie got up, took her rucksack but Carol stood in front of her.
-You are very brave  he told.  You are really close to your travel destination. I can give you a lift with sleigh. I know the way.
Angie felt so happy that she hugged Carol without any second thought. They set off and after half a hour Angie saw  a Christmassy factory in the distance.
– I need to come back. You should  visit Santa Claus alone.  said Carol.
– Thank you very much. You are such a generous man!  said Angie.
Angie reached Santa Clauss Factory. She was greeted very warmly by elfs and suddenly she saw him Santa Claus was wearing red clothes. He smiled vibrantly.
-Ho Ho Ho! Welcome Angie! I heard that you want to ask me for snow in Nigeria! No problem! Ho Ho Ho! I think that someone cant wait to greet you!
Angie turned around and  froze in shock. He was standing there. So close
-Daddy!!! How is it possible!? You died- she said sadly
He approached to Angie and hugged her
– I know but I am alive! Its a miracle!
They started to cry and after a long time they were ready to go home together.
– I and my reindeers are ready to give out the present! So let s go! It is time to make Millys dream come true!Ho ho ho!
All of them got on the sleigh and set off. In a hour they arrived to Nigeria!
-Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas everyone!
Afer that words it started to snow! People couldnt believe their eyes. Everyone was happy!
And it was first real Christmas Day!!!!

Marta Długosz 1D

The Christmas sTOrY

Once upon a time in, one of the the american city was a confusion. Everyone hurried somewhere, bought gifts, made shopping. In the night the 23th December in the biggest toy store all toys were talking:
-I cant sleep… Tomorrow is that day which I have been waiting all my life.
-Oh, please. You are here since yesterday.
-Never mind. Which model will be the most interesting toy in this Christmas, what do you think?
-Me, me, me…
Only Capitan of time (a toy from a famous cartoon) wasnt so excited because while it was made, producters forgot about little details and it didnt have a laser watch and silver shoes so its price become really low. It was afraid that it will stay there and shop workers will throw it into the bin.
In the morning a lot of customers went to the shop. They wanted to buy some things for their children at the lowest possible price. Capitan was bought by the coulpe which were curators in the orphange.
After the dinner, children from the orphange ran to the christmas tree. Everybody was very happy and opened their presents quickly. Only one boy was sitting alone. His name was Jimmy. He was thirteen and his parents had gone in a car accident 2 years ago. When he opened the gift, he saw Capitan of Time. On his face appired a smile because it was his favorite cartoon. Children cleaned after the dinner and were playing their toys all evening. When they were in the bed, a lonely boy was praying: God, let me find somebody who will be the same like me that I will have finally a true friendand he fell asleep with his new toy in his hand.
In the morning children went to the canteen for breakfast. Jimmy was sitting alone with the Capitan in pocket and he felt that something wrong is going to happen. When he went to the fridge to take the pudding, two fat brothers stood in front of him. Tim and Tom often teased Jimmy. The little boy was so afraid and never said this curators. They took his pudding and Tom had already impose a punch, when suddenly Jimmy was sitting on the chair without the pudding.
-What happend?- he said- it must be a deja vu…
-No, It was me!
-Who said that?
-Me, Im in your pocket.
-Capitan… No, no, no. It must be a dream. Wake up Jim! Wake up!
-It isnt a dream. God heard your request and let me talk with you and gave me a super power so I can travel back in time…
-It is very…
-Dont say anymore. Stand and show this gorillas who is the boss!
Jim ran to the fridge and spilt his pudding very quickly. Tom fell on the floor. Jim knew what Tim will do, so he avoided blowes with a dodge and hit his persecutor. Suddenly, the curator went to the room so Tim and Tom ran away.
-Jim, what happend?- asked the curator.
-I only spilt the pudding. Im so sorry Mrs Brown.
-O My God, You must clean this and go to the shopping center and buy things from this list. I wanted to do this but it will be your punishment.
-Ok Mrs Brown…
-Hey, you did it! Im proud of you- whispered Capitan.
Jim and Capitan went to the shop and bought all things which wanted Mrs Brown. The boy noticed beautiful girl.
-Look! I told you about her.
-Emily Rose? The girl who you love since kindergarten? You have right. She is perfect. What are you waitnig for? Go to her.
-No I cant…. O My God! Emily! Look, she overturned and this man took her bag. I must help her. Turn the time back, please.
Jim attentively watched the man in dark clothes. He caught Emily in the right time and knew where the robber escaped so ran there with the security guard. He came back to the bench where the girl was sitting and he gave her stolen thing.
-Thank you. You saved me and my bag. I have all my pocket money there. How did you do that?
-It wasnt a problem… I always help ladies in danger.
-Oh, youre so cute. Maybe I can thank you and propose you an outing on the icering.
-Are you serious? It means, yyy… Of course!
-We are meeting at 5 p.m. I must go. See you- said Emily and kissed Jim.
Jimmy was excited and he didint pay attention that he dropped the Capitan when he chased the robber.
Mrs Brown let him go for a meeting but he had be back in home at 8 p.m. He was very busy with the preparations for the date and he completly forgot about his little friend.
Jim was wearing a sweater and a black coat, which he borrowed from oldest child. He was waiting for Emily very impatiently and when he saw her, his heart began to beat faster. Jim took her hand and they entered the icering together. The evening was beautiful, they were talking a long time. It was the best moment in Jim live. Suddenly Emily asked:
-What about your Christams?
-It wasnt a briliand time, I live in a orphange…
-Im so sorry. It is very sad. I didnt know and….
-Ok, nothing happend.
-So tell me, what did you get?
-O no, no, no, no -said Jim in a panic and searched his pockets.
-You look so pale. Whats wrong?
-I want to tell you but you will not believe me.
The Boy told Emilly everything about his Christmas and the magic toy. She believed him and proposed to return to the shopping center. They were spending all evening there. Jim came back to his room at 10 p.m. He didt pay attention on furiuous Mrs Brown and was crying all the time. He didnt sleep and heard strange noises from kitchen so He decided to go there. He saw Tim and Tom who stood over a sing. Tom kept the Capitan in his arm.
-Dont do this!
-Haha, Did you hear it Tom? This stripling tell me what I must do.
-I can do everything what you want but leave my friend, please.
-This plastic, ugly toy is your firend. You are so stupid! But hmm, it is one thing whitch you can do for me… If you dont  meet with Emily anymore and make her to date with me, we will give you this fright….
After Jim had heard that words he lost control and attacted the brothers. The scraps of clothing were falling around. After a few minutes Tim and Tom were lying on the floor and Tim held Capitan in his hand. Brothers got up and escaped very quickly.
-Oh Capitan, I was so worried about you.
-You lair! You lost me in the shopping center! You used me and my super power to get to know this girl. When you did it, you left me like a trash…
-Sorry. I should have paid more attention, but I was looking for you all night after I had noticed your disapperance. Me and Emily went…
-Did Emily help you?You lost your date because you were looking for stupid toy?
-I lost my date because my best friend.
-But you must know that I lost in fight my cape which allowed me back in time…
-Do you think that I was looking for you for magic power? Capitan, I love you. You were my first true friend who was with me disinterstendly. Im so sorry… But I promise I will never do it again.
-No Jim, Im still your best friend. Only someone who loves me risked his life to save me from this fat gorillas.
Jim and Capitan didnt know that the whole situation saw Mr and Mrs Johnson. The couple which couldnt have their own children and went to the orphange in Christmas.  They were moved by Jims courage and love to the little toy and decided to talk with curator and adopt Jim.
Boy and Capitan were living on Wall Street with the new family. They were far from fat brothers and Jim was very cheerful because Johnsons house was next to Emilys flat. They spent all free time together with Capitan who met the love of its live- pretty Barbie. Few years later Jimmy and Emily got married and their children (and later grandchildren) were playing with this amazing toy.

The End