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Creative writing. Rozstrzygnięcie drugiej edycji projektu!

Zwyciężczynią drugiego etapu konkursu piśmienniczego w języku angielskim została Milena Zdrojewska  z klasy 2D!

Gratulujemy serdecznie i zapraszamy po odbiór nagrody w poniedziałek 13 lutego do biblioteki szkolnej na długiej przerwie 🙂 Dziękujemy również Radzie Rodziców, która ufundowała nagrody 🙂

Poniżej znajdziecie zwycięskie opowiadanie oraz pozostałe biorące udział w konkursie.


Kończąc drugi etap, rozpoczynamy kolejny. Tematem konkursowym nowego opowiadani jest poniższe zdanie rozpoczynające pracę :

“I, the ……………. . 

Writing a first-person story as an inanimate object.”

(w wykropkowane miejsce należy wpisać przedmiot/ rzecz, z perspektywy której, dana historia zostanie opisana)

Praca powinna być napisana samodzielnie w przedziale do max. 4500 – 5000 znaków w edytorze tekstu Word (2 strony A4)

Termin wysyłania prac przez dziennik Librus (Joanna Seweryn) lub e-mail ( –> 24 marca (piątek) 23:59

Good luck !

Meanwhile in the library…Pierwsze nagrody rozdane! Zosia i Milena 🙂


Milena Zdrojewska, klasa 2D

I hate Christmas. Why? Because people are usually so polite and kind to everyone then that it makes me puke. Because everybody spend this time with their family. With people who they love. And I have nobody to love.
I hate Christmas.
But once upon I was looking forward every Christmas time. In the beginning od December I always bought Advent calendar and scrupulously tried to earn this little lovely piece of chocolate. About five days before Christmas day I baked with my mother some gingersnaps and decorated them with colorful frosting. On the same day my father brought huge Christmas tree and of course I was in charge of making this tree the most beautiful of all! As you can imagine I was walking on air. And finally Christmas Eve came. I was so excited that I hardly could breathe and everything was prepared. Delicious food. Chic clothes. Beautiful presents. Perfect moments.
What changed?
At the age of eight I lost everything.
Only one decision ruined my life. Have you ever seen your parents breezing into pedestrian crossing to rescue you? Have you ever decided to get back to zebra because you had dropped your favourite teddybear there and you didn’t care about speeding cars? Have you ever seen your parents bleeding out? No?
You’re lucky.
Where I am now?
I am standing in my small and shabby room and looking at dancing snowflakes through the window. Sometimes I imagine that I’m one of them. If I were I would be finally free. I wouldn’t have to spend next Christmas alone. But I’m not one of them. I’m seventeen years old. My name is Amy. But I don’t care if you won’t remember my name. It’s ok.
Today is Christmas Day. But to be honest I don’t see any differences between that day and others. I woke up and ate breakfast. I didn’t expect that anything extraordinary will happen. But out of blue my preceptor brought me mysterious envelope with printed word “PRESENT” on it. I got really surprised. I haven’t got any presents since my parents died. I touched smoothly the surface of paper and noticed incredibly pleasant smell of envelope. When I felt it to my mind came perfume used by my mother when I was a child. But the letter hit me like a ton of bricks. There were only few words: “Dear Amy, follow my rules to find real happiness. First, find the place where all reindeers learn to fly. Good luck, your Guardian Angel”
In the beginning I thought it was only stupid joke. But voice in my mind didn’t leave me off. I had nothing to lose. And you know? I surmised what place the author of the letter was talking about. My dad loved the nature. When I was five he took me for a small trip to show me forest in winter. It was one of the nicest days in my life. He took my hand and showed me breathtaking glade. The stars were shining brightly and the view was so magic. Then daddy told me that once upon a time he saw there reindeer which was learning to fly and finally rised above the clouds. So without any second thought I got dressed and just left my room. As far as I know this place was close to orphanage so I started to run. After a while I reached the glade but nothing happened. I got horrible disappointed and decided to come back but suddenly I smelt the same perfume and noticed small piece of paper on the nearest tree. My heart was beating so fast that I could hardly breathe.
The piece of paper announced: “So you remember well your dad’s fairytale… But do you still know your mother’s mind? Go to the place where angel found her treasure. Your Guardian angel.”
You can call me crazy but I think I know the solution of that riddle. My dad always called mum his angel. And my mum constantly repeated that he was her biggest treasure. I can’t count how many times I heard the story how they got to know each other. I know every single detail so place isn’t so challenging for me. My parents met each other in the city centre next to huge Christmas tree. And there also my father kissed my mother for the first time.
I was so excited that I don’t even remember how did I get there. But when I stood close to this Christmas tree I didn’t feel alone. I felt as if my parents were with me. I saw small piece of paper on one of Christmas balls. There was last massage for me:
“Dear Amy, you proved you still remember everything your parents said. I know I promised you real happiness, so now just try to recall which gift was in your parents’ opinion the best gift given to every human. Your Guardian Angel.”
And I realized I remember this day. My mother answered: “Do you feel your heart beating? Can you breathe? This is the most precious gift you can have. Your life. And the most beautiful thing about this gift is the fact that you can’t earn it. Your life is priceless. Take average of it.”
My parents saved my life. They gave me everything they had including their own lives.
They wanted me to be happy.
I promise, I won’t waste your gift.
I take a deep breath and go on.

Zofia Stawowy, klasa 2D

Spirit of Christmas is alive in me whole year. I strongly believe this season of exchanging kisses and best wishes is the most special time in whole year. When days get shorter and nights last forever, people gather in cosy rooms heated by candles. When snow is falling all around, snowmen with a button nose and eyes made of coal appear on the streets. When carols are sung and sleigh bells ring, Santa Clause comes with his red-nosed reindeers and children play with their toys from underneath the Christmas tree. If I could, I would stop the time and Yuletide by the fireplace would last forever.
Unfortunately, Im the only one in whole family who appreciate atmosphere of Christmas time. I have good life, dont you understand me wrong. My parents give me everything I need, whatever I want is mine even before Im able to think about it. Im always the first one with the newest phone and the most expensive bag, I dont have to work during summer break, my vacations in exotic places are covered by parents always. I hear all the time: Im so jealous about your life, Id change places with you if I could. Dont think Im so spoiled that I dont know the power of money nowadays. Im happy with what I have but Im also aware of the price I have to pay for my prosperity. I mean, I almost dont know my parents, I talk more with the housekeeper than with my own mum. Dont be so stupid to think big money and high-flying well-paid jobs are for people with any social or family life. Having successful career excludes being at home at 5pm to cook dinner and eat it together in front of TV or watching volleyball match in school with other parents to cheer your daughter even if shes the worst player on a field. I know what Im saying, my parents are lawyers, actually more lawyers than my parents… They are totally dedicated to their jobs and thats why they are the best, known in whole city and prosperous. But I hate it, they love their jobs more than me.
The Story, which changed lives of our family happened on 24th December, on magic day of Christmas Eve. Day before my parents were unexpectedly called from their client, of course the most important and crucial one, and they had to fly to Toronto. Ill never understand how work can be more important than Christmas Dinner, but when I tried to ask them to stay, just this one special time, I heard the same excuse that I already knew well and was tired with. My mum took my hand, smiled as if I were 5-yers-old dying of cancer and said with sugary voice: Honey, you know we love you. But this case is so special, we have to do everything to handle it because its gold mine. We will come back as soon as possible and think about you all the time.  I pretended to be okay with it and I cried only few minutes when they left. Day as always, Christmas or not, somebody has to work to let others have fun. In the evening everybody gathered together in grannys house, twelve dishes were laying already on the table and waiting to be eaten, snowflakes and love were floating in the air. I was sad of course, sitting at Christmas table without mum and dad by my side. But every year, when they were leaving me, disappointment was becoming smaller and I-more indifferent. They always have lots of work before the end of the year and almost never can be home on 24th. We were about to share wafers when somebody called the door. Silence descended on the room, as nobody knew who had come through snowstorm to disturb us during Christmas Dinner. First minute I really hoped its my mum, but it was just stupid first thought, obviously impossible. She was sitting than in luxurious restaurant in Toronto, talking about incomprehensible business stuff.   When an uncle opened the door, we saw postman standing there with tiny delivery wrapped with brown paper. It was all very suspicious because post office doesnt work on 24th December and on the packet there was no addresser written. We decided to take the pack and put it with other presents under the tree even though granddad who sees conspiracy everywhere was sure there is a bomb inside. After five minutes from postmans visit nobody ever remembered about new mysterious pack, only granddad refused to sit next to the pile of presents because as he said he didnt want to explode as first one. When first star came on the dark sky we started to celebrate our family Christmas Dinner and as always it was precious and irreplaceable time. I was sorry for my parents they couldnt spend it with us. When everybody already had a second helping of poppy-seed cake and was so full that moving from the couch wasnt possible anymore, children announced present time. As always Santa Claus did good job an we all got what we had dreamt about: beautiful silky scarf for aunt, new tie for uncle, woolen warm socks for granny and speaking baby doll, which looks like real baby for little cousin. And then all but one presents were unwrapped so we had no choice and were pushed to unpack also this last one- secret pack. I had enough bravery to take it into my hand and shake it. It was surprisingly light and felt like it would be empty. A crazy old aunt suggested the envelope is full with deadly bacteria, but I still wanted to open it. A letter from inside told us:
If man you be in heart, not adamant, forbear that wicked cant until you have discovered What the surplus is, and Where it is. Will you decide what men shall live, what men shall die?
Ghost of Time Yet to Come
I recognized it immediately, it was quote from A Christmas Carol, my favorite novel. Who sent me this? Because it was sure Im the addressee, as it was obviously related to my absent parents, who I felt anger and regret to. I couldnt sit at the table calmly anymore, I went to the bathroom to think it all over again. It was like in a horror movie: first my parents left, actually without clear reason, to meet with mysterious client. Then I got strange pack from no one with riddle inside. Who was playing with us? The signature didnt tell us more than the riddle on its own… Ghost of Time Yet to Come. What did it mean? It was delusively similar to the name of one ghost from Christmas Carol, but it didnt explain much. Who wanted to show me, my life looked like in Dickens novel? Should I now do things Scrooge did in a book and follow the riddle? I had one big mess in my head, but I really felt it can be last opportunity to rescue my family. I was reading the letter all over again and again… and suddenly I fainted to wake up in Toronto. I was sitting with my parents on business dinner, but they couldnt see me or hear me. The client went to bathroom and they stayed by the table alone. I watched my mum bursting into tears and saying: I miss home, I miss our daughter! Its another Christmas without family, how many years was it already? Its way too hard for me. I felt my heart exploding because since this time I was always thinking only about myself- how hard is it to have parents who are absent all the time. But on this moment I understood that they have double trouble- they miss me also and they have to work hard the same time. Tears started to run down my face and I felt asleep to open my eyes in past. I saw my parents walking down the aisle and my dad whispered to mums ear: Well fight about our dreams, together we can get whatever we want to, together well build an empire. They kissed and disappeared. After that I watched more pictures from my familys life. They all showed me one thing, that I never thought about before. My parents were living their dream, maybe not easy but still. Being lawyers was goal of their lives, which they accomplished even though it was sometimes very hard. I should always support them in their actions to give them the same comfort they always try to give me. After I came back to bathroom where my journey started, the letter with riddle on it burnt, but I already took my lesson and made the call. I took first plane to Toronto to be there on Christmas Breakfast with my parents. I understood we felt always very the same and we are family full of love. The only lack was lack of talking and understanding, but this two thing I got from the mysterious author of Christmas riddle. Now I can be sure The Time Yet to Come will be better. Thanks, Spirit of Christmas! Thanks for the best gift in my life!


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