Creative Writing Wydarzenia

The final story!

Będąc na ostatniej prostej do zakończenia dość nietypowego roku szkolnego 2020/2021 uczestnicy konkursu Creative Writing stworzyli równie niebanalne historie w oparciu o temat konkursowy: Write a story that begins with the sentence: “Every day is a fresh start. Is that so?”

Wyróżnienie w ostatniej edycji konkursu otrzymują:

Karolina Bak z klasy 1me


Dominik Kozimor z klasy 2gin

Serdeczne gratulacje i słowa uznania dla niezwykłej kreatywności słowa pisanego!  Poniżej nagrodzone prace.

Enjoy the reading!

KAROLINA BAK klasa 1me

Trip of a lifetime

“Every day is a fresh start. Is that so?” Jack said stretching as he left his makeshift tent. I looked at him like he was an idiot. ‘’Yes imbecile, you are right. A new day, new energy, new possibilities” I said ironically. “Everything would be wonderful if not the fact that we are in the middle of a freaking desert, without a working car. And thanks to whom? Well, by who, by you! Because you made me drive that damn shortcut!” I started yelling at him. “I am sorry, but everyone here knows that listening to me always ends up badly, so I could say it is your fault because you listened to me.” I wanted to strangle him.

I would be capable of that.

But maybe let’s start from the beginning.

It all started with the fact that my dear, pregnant wife said she wanted to give birth in her hometown. We have currently been living in Sacramento, California. My wife Katelynn was born in Phoenix, Arizona. A trip through two states with a woman in her ninth month of pregnancy. It sounds like a dream, right? Of course, I tried to knock it out of her head at all costs. However, the struggle with the pregnant woman is a defeat from the start. But that is not all. My chosen one of the heart decided to take her beloved brother with her. It is not that I do not like Jack, but sometimes I wonder if Katelynn found out if I swapped him places with a monkey from a nearby zoo. I do not think so. However, the icing on the cake turned out to be her best friend, Dinah, for whom only raisins in a cheesecake are worse than me. Well, to be honest, who in their right mind likes them. So aside from my wife, I had a scatterbrained chimpanzee and my future murderer under my protection.

Late in the morning, on the day of departure, everyone gathered in Kate’s and my house. We could go on the road. Everything seemed suspiciously calm at first. Five hours of leisurely travel have passed. To ride in the right direction, I used the navigation installed on my phone. Suddenly, Jack spoke up. “Here they show that you have to turn left, but if we go straight, we may get even an hour faster.” I glanced at him. “Are you sure about this? Have you ever been this way? As far as I know, you do not even have a driver’s license.” He looked at me with the gaze of a bored five-year-old. “Oh come on! Trust me for once?” I looked at my wife. She sighed. “Jack has a pretty good orientation in the field, and my back is having a hard time taking this trip, so if we save time, maybe let’s go straight.” I knew it was not going to end well, but I was not going to argue “Okay, we will go as Jack says.”

The road led through the deserts, we drove like that for one hour, then another one, and another. The navigation had lost range, so I did not know where we were. “Are we going well for sure?” I asked doubtfully. Suddenly, Dinah, who had been sitting suspiciously quiet throughout the journey, spoke up. “Oh, that is great!” She started waving her arms. “Wonderful Kate, your half glow husband lost us in the middle of nowhere.” I got mad. “Excuse me, but it was not my idea to go by this road!” My nerves began to slowly let go. My wife decided to take control of the situation. “Calm down, you act like little children. Jack, how much longer do we have to go this road?” She asked her brother. “I did not want to spoil your mood, but maybe, just maybe, I noticed that I was wrong about this route… about an hour ago.” I was about to yell at him, how big of an idiot he was, but then, suddenly, the car stopped moving. I looked at the fuel gauge. It was pointing at zero. Dinah pushed herself out of the backseat and, looking over my shoulder, also looked at the pointer. “Oh great! You did not even fill up the car properly.” She laughed sarcastically. “The route with navigation included stops at gas stations. It had not foreseen, however, that some fool would tell me to drive in the wilderness.” I wanted to hit something. “Yeah, yeah, keep blaming Jack.” Dinah got on my nerves. “How many times do I have to tell you to calm down. There is no range here, but I am sure someone will pass by soon and we will stop him to help us.” Kate was the only one who tried to deal with the situation.

We waited for several hours, but no one passed. We decided to set up a makeshift camp. The girls went to sleep. Jack and I were going to wait for a car to pass, but of course, he fell asleep and I had to be alone. Although maybe it was better.

And that is how we found ourselves in the present situation. In the middle of nowhere, out of reach. I was starting to lose faith that whoever would pass then. However, in the distance, I noticed a minivan. It was covered with colourful graffiti. I stopped it quickly. The driver opened the windshield, which released a cloud of smoke from the centre of the car. A man in round glasses with a peace sign painted on his cheek smiled at me. “What are you doing here?” He asked. “We got lost and we ran out of fuel. Maybe you can lend us some?” I asked. “Unfortunately my friend, but we do not have it in the store. But we have a lot of space in the car, so we can give you a lift.” I pulled my wife to come aside. “I do not know if travelling with them is a good idea.” Kate looked at me in disbelief. “These are the only people who have travelled this way since yesterday. This is our only way, Axel.” I sighed. “What about our car?” I asked. “We will leave it here, when we are in a safe area, we will call someone to pick it up.” said Kate. I had no choice. I ordered everyone to take their essentials and I locked the car. We got into the minivan.

There was the man behind the wheel who offered us a ride and two more people. I asked if they could not smoke because of my wife’s pregnancy. Of course, I was grateful for the ride, but I had no desire to drug my unborn child. However, Kate, indignant that I asked them about it, told me not to talk, because to my surprise, she was extremely pleased with the band we found ourselves in. Everyone was against me, no news. The trip passed quite calmly, apart from all the musical surroundings provided by our new friends and my wife and Jack. Dinah sat bitter and twisted, ignoring the taunts from Katelynn. When we arrived in Quartzsite the man who was driving the van said that they are going to Las Vegas, and we could go with them, but they know that is not our destination, so we need to part. That town was the last place where I wanted to be at that moment, so of course, I thanked for the lift and got out with the rest of our happy team.

As it turned out, our new friends left us in the suburbs; there was no coverage. Katelynn started to feel sick, so there was no way to go to the town on foot. We decided to take another hitchhiking trip. Luckily, we did not have to wait for long. An old, navy blue car stopped near us. The driver, who turned out to be a middle-aged man, offered us a ride because he was also on his way to Phoenix. It was quite strange, but we did not have time to think. I sat in the front seat, the rest settled in the back. The guy travelled with his cat – Jack started to play with it. I turned on the radio to kill the silence. Unlike our previous companions, this man was by no means talkative. We could hear a message from the device. “Attention for everyone from Arizona. A dangerous murderer on the loose. He killed a young family and fled the scene. The police lost his track during the chase. It is a middle-aged man. He is driving a navy blue Cadillac car from 1968. His characteristic feature is the lack of an index finger in the right hand. The fugitive may travel with the murdered family’s cat, as he was seen fleeing the scene with this animal on his hands. The man is insa-“  We could not listen to the next part of this message, because the driver turned off the radio. “I hate how boring they are in this bloody media.” he said and began to sing “It’s my party” by Lesley Gore. Instinctively, I looked at him, then looked down at his hands. He did not have one finger. I did not know any car brands, but I knew we were driving some old car. Plus that damn cat. A cold shiver went through me. I looked in the mirror to see the rest. The girls were also scared, which meant that they also connected the dots. Only Jack did not seem to understand the situation. But what could I expect from him? Suddenly I saw a glow in Dinah’s eye. I knew she had come up with the plan. She tried to pass it on to me without sound. I could not lip read. Irritated, she waved her hand at me. I saw him slowly rise from his seat. Suddenly, her hands tightened firmly around the driver’s neck. The confused one lost control of the car and hit a nearby pole, losing consciousness. Terrified, I looked at the rest. Luckily, nothing happened to any of us. “You wanted to kill us?!” I started screaming at Dinah. “You? Yes, several times already.”

We ran to a nearby store, where we tried to recover. I looked at Jack. I thought I could not stand it. “Good God, Kate! See what your beloved brother has on his hands. We have just escaped a serial killer, and the first thing that came to your mind was taking his cat?” I started screaming at him. “That cat was not his! And was I supposed to leave this cutie? Are you kidding me!” I left it without any comments. I entered the store from where I called the police from the seller’s phone. Kate came over to me. She was completely mad and tired. But let us face it, she was in the ninth month of pregnancy and had just been forced to run to save her life. “I have no idea how you will do it, but I want to be at my parents’ house. Right now.” It turned out that we were already near Phoenix, so I just called a cab from the seller’s phone.

It was only in the taxi cab that I realized that since we did not have our phones with us, we also did not have any money. I asked the driver politely. “What would occur if it happened by any chance that we do not have any money to pay you?” The black man looked at me indulgently. “I will call the police. That is it.” He smiled at me. I felt the back of my seat slam. I knew it was Kate. Yes, it meant that we did not have time for the police. “I have a suggestion for you, sir.” Dinah spoke up.” You will take us to the place and we will give you this Axel here in return. None of us like him anymore, not even his wife, so he will be all yours.” I did not feel like arguing with her. I do not need a skinny guy like him. But for that, you can give me something else. My daughters have always wanted a pet. I will drive you without calling the police and you will give me this cat.” He pointed at Jack’s new friend. “As far as I can see, it is a purebred cat, so we can go for that arrangement.” he added. “Well, we are adjudged to be in an offside position.” I said to myself. I knew Jack was not going to give him that goddamn pile of fur for anything. “Fine.” Jack said. “Oh come on Jack, I’m begging you.” I already wanted to ask him to agree. “Wait, what?” I asked confused. “I said fine.” Jack repeated. “I know that we are here mainly because of me, so I have to apologize for that and I have no place for a cat in the house.” For the first time in my life, I was grateful for him.

We finally arrived at Kate’s parents. Due to the stress and excess of emotions, Kate was hospitalized. A week after this whole event she gave birth to our beautiful son. A few days ago I had my first trip with flower people and escaped from a serial killer. Today I am holding my new child on my hands. Every day is a fresh start. Is that so?


A Quantum Occurence

Every day is a fresh start. Is that so? Young Crono thought to himself, yawning vigorously. He frowned – such idiotic questions are good for the so called “philosophers” and humanities majors, not for innovative minds of real scientists. Certainly, today promised to be an unrepeatable day in the life of self-proclaimed genius physicist. Today was the day, when he was at last ready to finish his most unorthodox project so far. A milestone for him, even for the whole humanity was about to be laid! But of course, nobody goes to work without a cup of hot coffee and an empty stomach. Crono reluctantly got up, in order to get ready for morning routine.

Still dressed up in dotted pyjamas he strolled towards a bizarre machine in his kitchen. From a lay perspective the contraption looked like set of pieces of scrap that someone, somehow managed to connect with each other in a semi-coherent way.  A stained, empty mug stood under the oblong pipe ended with a tap, sticked out of the device. Crono tapped a button on the rusty casing and in the blink of an eye hot, black drink started flowing into the large, blue cup. The coffee had an oily scent, with a hint of rusty coffee machine’s interior. The young scientist liked this strange flavour, because it reminded him of his escape from the tumult of human civilization. He was truly on his own, living in a self-constructed… something, near the city’s scrapyard. It was far bigger than a simple shack, but it most surely did not meet any of the building standards that would have made it a real house. The construction might not have been the safest, or the most cosy place to live in, but it allowed him to work on his inventions in peace.

From the kitchen he could see his almost finished work, which looked just like a metallic pedestal with a crystal on it but it was so much more. The innovator worked on a quantum machine, that could mend time itself! He was most likely the only person on the planet who understood quantum mechanics well enough, to construct the core of this machine, which allowed him to travel through time, or did it? Today was the day on which this ground-breaking invention was going to be field tested. He was so happy in moments like this, that he lived in a secluded place, on the outskirts of human civilization.

But there was one addiction that he couldn’t help so much it made the outcast travel to the city every now and then to fulfil his desires. He’d kill to have a fluffy, buttery stack of fresh pancakes for breakfast, he could eat them every single day of his life and he’d still love it. As today was a day of great importance to the scientist he wanted to celebrate this little moment with the thing he loved the most. Luckily, one last pack of pancake mix remained in the little storeroom in his house. Soon enough a breakfast worth of champions was ready for him. A neat stack of fluffy pancakes, finished with a cube of butter.

He was about to take a bite out of his favourite dish when suddenly he heard a loud, ominous rumble behind his back. He immediately turned to see what is going on, but it wasn’t a fast enough reaction. A hooded character appeared out of thin air, took advantage of the distraction and took the plate from under Crono’s nose.

– Who the heck are you and how did you get here?! – he yelled, shocked at the occurrence. He didn’t hear anyone breaking into the house before.

– It’s irrelevant who I am, what matters is that your whole universe’s existence is at stake in this very moment! Do not eat these pancakes, Crono!

– How do you even know my name? – the physicist asked.

– Well… I am… –  the shadowy figure took off his hood.

The sight surprised the young inventor at first, but then light dawned on him.

– Wait, does it mean… My project is, or rather will be a success? It seems like my quantum time transporter really operates properly! It’s almost cliché to meet myself from the future, almost like I am a character straight out of a cheap sci-fi story, but yet here we are, basking in the glory of my invention that…

– I’m so sorry, but I have no damn clue what are you talking about – Crono’s lookalike interrupted his egotistical monologue. – You see, I might look exactly like you do, but I’ve received a device that allows me to travel through universes and not time. In other words, I am you from a different reality, alternate to this one.

As a person naturally interested in the structure the physical principles that govern the whole universe, Crono of course started interviewing the unlikely guest. Soon it turned out that they had a lot in common, they were almost the same in fact – both scientists, renowned physicists (in their own minds, of course), brilliant geniuses who are destined to enlighten the world. The conversation lasted for a couple dozen minutes, but it felt like a few hours passed. A sudden topic change reminded him of the one thing the intruder done, that frustrated him.

– Well, Crono… Since you’re so similar to me, why won’t you explain one thing that I don’t understand. – he asked – Why would you steal my pancakes out of the blue?

His brother from another universe winced his face a bit and sighed– after all he was a huge pancake fan too, and he sympathized with his loss of breakfast.

– You know, I’m not really quite sure either and all in all I can’t tell you too much, since it would break the deal…

– I don’t even care anymore about any deals or other shady stuff you might have been doing. – original Crono was tired enough not to cross-examine the traveller anymore – Let us seal a deal, how about we split these tasty treats fifty-fifty? After all, why would any catastrophe come out from a hearty breakfast?

The offer embarrassed the guest, but he was eager to accept – after all he shared the love for the delicacies getting cold on the plate. As they were about to finally take a chew, something unexpected but-not-so-much-now took place. It rumbled across the room, just as a hooded figure took the plate away.

The men sitting by the table looked at themselves, then at the newcomer. One of them reluctantly asked:

– So well – he sighed – who are you?

– It’s irrelevant who I am, what matters… – he tried to explain, but one of the scientists interrupted him.

– Your next line is:  “that your whole universe’s existence is at stake in this very moment” right? We know it, I’ve been there too, come here and take a seat.

– How do you know who I am? – he took off his hood, to reveal a familiar face – Wait, there’s two of me… I mean two of you… – another visitor was baffled in the face of their sarcastic remarks. Don’t they understand the weight of this very situation?

– I’m being serious, want a cup of coffee? Extra rust included, we know what you love. Or perhaps you’d like a pancake too, Crono?

– Which Crono? – the other one at the table jokingly answered – Maybe we should start calling each other numbers at this point, or else we’ll get really confused. I’m the One, you’re gonna be Two and you’re Three since now – he pointed at the most recent Crono that appeared in the room.

– I… – Three was not even sure what to say at this point. – I don’t want any pancakes, this is all dangerous stuff, you know it?

– Let me take that off your hands, and let’s discuss it, alright? – Second said calmly, and stood up.

Three examined the kitchen and the furniture in it. He wanted to escape, but Second was getting closer and closer… A loud but short electric sound could be heard, and Three collapsed, shaking all of his body out of control. Second managed to catch the falling pancake plate just in time, and looked around himself quickly. He noticed a man in the characteristic hoodie, but surprisingly, he was wielding a stun gun.

– What have you done?! – Second yelled in panic – You’re way too trigger-happy for a person shooting at someone who looks just like you. Don’t you know friendly fire can get you in some real trouble?

– It seems like we’ve got the original one down, Master. – Fourth Crono in the room claimed coldly. – He tried to impersonate one of us by stealing the attire, but it’s not relevant anymore.

– Good, we’re now going to take advantage of the situation, and end this madness for once and sure – Another lookalike of Crono came out from behind of the fourth one but this one looked different than the other ones. Instead of a hooded outfit, he wore an unusual robe, with many strange symbols painted on it. Most of them depicted crossed out piles of pancakes.

– You may not yet understand my goals. I know that you are shocked, but I will not allow the Pancake Prophecy to take place and irreversibly destroy this universe, and perhaps others too! You shall not eat pancakes, or crepes, or any related food, Crono! – he yelled at everyone in the room, probably even himself. – Now, give me these back, and save the universe.

Second Crono, forgetting about his original goal and disobeying his master slowly strolled towards the dining table, where first one, luckily mistaken for the third one sat. He has had enough of this bullshit, all he wanted was to eat these pancakes and get these cuckoos out of here, somehow.

– Can you hear me? Put them down, now! – the Master yelled again.

His yells were futile, however. The owner of the house already grabbed one of the pancakes, and much to the horror of the Master started consuming the delicacy. As soon as he tried to swallow the first bite, he started choking on his breakfast.

All the Cronos in the room rushed to help him, but it wasn’t necessary – he spit the food out already. However, a series of unfortunate happened when the panic broke out. First of all, Second slipped on the butter cube, that was left on the ground when Third had been tased. Bumping into Fourth Crono, he made him unwittingly shoot his taser gun. The tasing cables were flying towards the Master, as he dodged the shot with a roll worthy of an athlete, but saving himself, he rolled straight into the quantum device that was supposed to be tested that day.

The core of the machine has lost its balance, fell down, and shattered into pieces. A deathly hush fell.

Finally, the Master talked, more calmly than ever:

– I remember everything now. I’m extremely sorry I couldn’t save you this time. – I hope you’ll forgive me for this. – he said, almost crying and vanished as quickly as he appeared the first time.

Everyone else in the room started to feel an extremely strong sucking force, pulling towards the place where the core shattered. It was clear for the physicists, the uncontained quantum energy manifested into a black hole. The force was getting stronger and stronger, Third has been already sucked when Second and Fourth decided to let go of the furniture and accept their fates. Only the original Crono held to the table, many thoughts flowing through his head, but suddenly, it dawned on him. At first he thought it was just an illusion, an effect of extreme stress but could it be that the black hole collapsed on itself? The device wasn’t supposed to carry a lot of matter after all. He felt his grip on the dining table getting stronger and stronger, but he couldn’t move a flinch. Would that mean that time was getting slower? What if it all just stopped, or worse, time would start flowing backwards?

– It’s… – the scientist mumbled – scientifically impossible. – not a second later all he could see was overwhelming darkness devouring him.

Every day is a fresh start. Is that so? Young Crono thought to himself, yawning vigorously. He frowned – such idiotic questions are good for the so called “philosophers” and humanities majors, not for innovative minds of real scientists. Certainly, today promised to be an unrepeatable…