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Tomasz Miler z klasy 3ai

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Oliwia Mura z kasy 2B

Oliwia Uryć z klasy 1B

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I didn’t see it coming. That was the most unexpected journey I’ve ever experienced! My eyelids peeled open. My rough night’s slumber finally approached its end as the sun peaked its eyes over the horizon. A rounded blue fabric ceiling stood over me. Every time I sleep in a tent, I endure that same rough awakening, that feeling of filth from the buildup of grit and sweat overnight. Not without the invigorating sense of adventure, however. I lay alone in the tent, a messy yet empty sleeping bag rested next to me. I pull myself up, hearing a few joints popping as I do so. Cracking my knuckles, I wriggle out of my sleeping bag and reach for my hiking shorts and lightweight t-shirt. Despite the tent and campfire, my father and I did not have any intention to stay here. Our boots would soon belong on the top of the mountain before us. Dad prepared breakfast as I made my way out of the tent. Fortunately for me, breakfast was always prepared by the time I woke up. I sat down in a small folding chair next to my dad. He handed me a small bowl and an even smaller paper packet of dry oatmeal. A basic yet delicious meal for camping. I ripped open the packet and poured the oats into the bowl, releasing a cloud of sweet, scented dust along with it. I held out my bowl in front of the pot of steaming hot water for my dad to pour it into. When the dust settled, a warm sludge sat in the bowl. Breakfast had begun.  


After finishing eating and packing our camping supplies in the car, we loaded up our travel sacks with three liters of water, some trail mix, and a few packets of caffeine infused goo. Plenty of supplies for the trip and back. The sun just started to climb into the sky. We wasted no time making our way up past the layers of grass and flowers. The path snaked back and forth as it ascended, occasionally diving into some deep brush which provided some much-appreciated shade. I remembered an important tip for hiking was to routinely take quick sips of water every 30 seconds or so in order to keep energy levels optimal. Taking breaks was also vital to completing the trip without being exhausted. For quite some time, only my dad and I’s footsteps breached the silence of the land. This mountain rested far from any town or city, comfortably in nature. Around halfway through the hike, the trail merged into a small rocky road, enough for cars to bumpily make their way to the top where a ranger station stood proudly above everything around it. Occasionally, my dad and I bumped into other hikers, most of them making their way down. It made me wonder how early these folks had gotten up to climb this mountain. Perhaps they tried to beat the heat? Speaking of the heat, the sun had been inching closer and closer to the point it stared right into the top of our heads. My body’s demand for water crept higher and higher. Luckily, a small, lush forest soon welcomed us with a gift of shade. Unbeknownst to us, this shade was a worm on a hook, and the one holding the line? Mosquitos, which reveled in the two new fresh supplies of blood entering their land. We foraged on, swatting away those blood sucking vultures until the forest ended. Half an hour later, we spotted the ranger station. 


Some people don’t realize reaching the top is only half of the trip, and this second half was about to be one I’d never forget. With the sun now directly above us, shade made very little appearances. With the added heat, even sitting down to rest didn’t give the restoration it should. My dad devoured his lunch while I tried to extend our break as long as I could. Hiking for another hour did not seem appealing at all. But the sooner we made our way back down, the sooner we could get back into our car filled with heavenly air conditioning. How could I have done with some fresh cold air then. As we made our way down, the water in my bag began feeling warm. It no longer felt very refreshing, yet it still remained an absolute necessity. By now, the two of us were drinking multiple gulps of water every 10 seconds. I could tell the sun wanted us to fail, what with how much it rained down on our heads every second it could. It was okay though, for each step meant one step closer to completion. Soon enough, the campsite came within view, albeit still six kilometers of trail between us and it. These six kilometers would be more exasperating than the entire trip up until this point, because our Camelbaks were now empty. No more water for the entire hike in what felt like Sahara Desert level temperatures. Now you know what happens when the body gets dehydrated, but you don’t really recognize when it actually happens to you. Your steps feel heavy. You feel woozy. Sitting down makes you not want to get back up. After trying to sit a few times, I realized it would be in my best interest to not sit down again, for I may have not gotten back up. My dad did not fare any better than I, even worse. The closer we came to the car, the closer his mind left his body. He started becoming delirious, seeing things that did not exist. When we reached the bottom, he saw our car in a place it was in fact not. I watched in exhausted confusion as he did so. I asked what he was doing, and he replied he was going to the car. A sudden jolt of reality arced through my water-deprived brain. We were in trouble. I saw the car, but he did not. Making what I could with my last inch of sanity, I hobbled over to my dad, grabbed him by the arm, and dragged him to the car. The only thing on our tortured minds was water, which we brought extra jugs of in the trunk. My dad desperately lifted open the rear door and grabbed the water greedily like a thief. For the next ten minutes, we took turns drenching our dry throats with the jug with the car’s air conditioning blasting at the lowest temperature. I strictly instructed my dad not to drive until he could see right. We just survived dehydration and I was not about to get in a car crash. We ended the day with a refreshing cheeseburger and cold soft drink at the nearest burger joint. From that day on, we swore to always check the weather forecast before going on any more strenuous hikes. 



I didn’t see it coming… that’s the most unusual journey i’ve ever experienced!  

But from the beginning…  

I was in the garden, sipping a cup of gyokuro tea and enjoying some dorayaki I bought in the famous bakery in Nikko- the village I was living in. The sun was shining, I was feeling so happy, and… safe. But I had a weird feeling at the back of my head…  

-„Stand clear of the doors, please. Next stop- Otemachi Sta.”  

And then, the reality hit. I woke up in the empty compartment, with my school bag laying next to me. That was a dream! Why was it already dark outside the windows? I was feeling confused and I tried to remember how did I end up in this situation. I had to fall asleep on my way back from school.  

Oh no- I gasped- for how long have I been here? “Otemachi Sta” Wasn’t that a station in… TOKYO?!? I couldn’t believe that. I was hundreds of miles away from home and I didn’t know how to come back. I started rummaging in my backpack, trying to find my phone. I checked it, just to find out my battery was dead. Great. Now I can’t even call my parents. Oh, they must be losing their minds, worrying about me… -Okay I have to do something- I thought to myself. When the subway stopped at the station, I got off. I looked around and everyone i saw seemed suspicious to me. There was a tall man in black suit, giving me a stink eye from under his cylinder and a woman with her face and body completely covered in tattoos, screaming at everyone walking past her. I also saw a really old lady mumbling to herself. She was very anxious. I heard her saying name “Kenichi” over and over again. There’s no way I’m asking these people for help. I can deal with it myself, without the possibility of being murdered by some freak. I decided to walk to the nearest telephone booth. On my way there, I realized I had no change. What do i do now? I had no idea. I one more time searched for something useful in my backpack. But what can I do with some pencils and a science book? I sat on a bench, completely hopeless and hid my head in my hands. I started crying and shaking uncontrollably. I was hopeless. And then, from the back i heard a calming voice. When i turned my head towards the source of sound, I saw a smiling, tall boy.  

– Are you okay? What happened?- He said.  

I immediately felt ashamed and wiped the tears off my cheeks.  

– Oh, it’s nothing, I’m just… lost.  

-First time in Tokyo?  

-Yes, I didn’t imagine it like that.. I live in Nikko and I don’t know how to go back home.  

-Oh I can’t imagine how you feel. I bet it’s really hard to be away from your loved ones, without having any idea what to do. That’s also how my grandma has to feel right now..  

-Your grandma?  

-Yes, she went missing two days ago. We are looking for her everywhere. She has dementia so I’m losing hopes on seeing her ever again..  

The tears came up to his eyes and I could see he was suffering. He must have loved her so much. And then, it dawned on me.  

-Is your name Kenichi?  

-Wait, are you some kind of witch?- he laughed in disbelief- It actually is!  

-I think I might know where your grandma is.  

Two minutes later, we were rushing through Tokyo streets, bumping into people. We were not far from subway station, but the run felt like infinity. I couldn’t believe this lucky accident. This random boy’s problem became so improtant to me, that i forgot about my own. I knew one thing. I had to help this family get together. We ran down the stairs and started calling her.  

-Grandma! Grandma!..  

We couldn’t see her anywhere. I started asking people about her. I came up to a street musician, who was playing mandolin. I described an elderly woman hoping for some answears.  

-Are you talking about her?- He said, pointing to the person entering the subway.  

-Hey, lady!- I shouted at the top of my lungs, because i recognized her red sweater and grey hair.I went inside few seconds before the door closed. I felt release, when i noticed Kenichi was standing next to me.  

-Nana!- he ran up to her.- We were looking for you everywhere! Oh, nana.. – he fell into her arms. 

It was a realy touching view. I felt really moved, until.. 

-WHO ARE YOU??! Get off me! 

His smile faded and It’s like I almost heard his heart breking into pieces.  

-Don’t you remember me? I’m your grandson. Kenichi. 

-What are you talking about?! I don’t have a grandson! 

-Please, just try to remember. Hmm, maybe our song? You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..- He sang. 

Her face softened, as she was trying to remember. 

-Kenichi… Kenichi? Oh my sweet boy! I’m so sorry, I forgot. You are the only person who knows my heart. No one undestands me like you do. You found me. You found me! 

-But I wouldn’t do that without… Wait, actually, what’s your name?- He laughed. 

-I’m Mayumi, nice to meet you- We all laughed. 

Kenichi came closer to me, grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek. I felt the wave of heat on my face and I’m sure it was the same color as his grandmother’s sweater. Not gonna lie, nice way of saying thank you : ) 

A few months later, I was actually sitting in my garden, but this time I wasn’t alone. I was looking at his dark hair falling flawlessly on his face and wrinkles forming around his brown eyes, as we were laughing and remembering our first meeting on Tokyo bench. I could talk with this boy for hours and I know it’s not the end of our story.  I never thought my way back from school would end up this way, but I regret nothing. 

Sometimes I think about his grandma, who I thought was crazy at first. And how nobody helped her, including me. Dementia causes problems with thinking, communicating or making basic decisions and memory loss. 

It’s not insanity.  



I didn’t see it coming… that’s the most unusual journey I’ve ever had…. I was alone and jogging in a froest. It was a normal day, the weather was beautiful and the sky was clear. Around me the forest was peceful…I had no idea something was about to happen. I had taken a break from my chemistry project which I had to finish before next week. It was difficult and I was tired. However I knew I had to finish this project to pass my final pharmacological exams. But now I was listening to my favourite music on my headphones and I was feeling a little better now because I was outside.  

Suddenly the music died and I checked my phone. It wasn’t working and this made me confused. Only a few minutes before when I checked my phone the battery was full. I looked around and realised that I was lost. Something wasn’t right, because I used to run this path every week. Now everything looked different. I started to feel scared. I didn’t know what was going on. I walked a little and came to the edge of the forest, now there weren’t so many trees. I had never seen this place before. 

Suddenly I saw someone. It was a very old man. He was wearing clothes which for sure weren’t from our era. Before I could speak he called me by my name. I was terrified, I asked him what he wanted. He didn’t say anything but he started to walk away. I didn’t know why but I started to follow him. After some time he showed me a small village.  

The village was situated in a smal valley. Around the village there were some fields. I could see some animals, there were cows and horses . The view was beautiful. The man spoke again and said: „You have to help these people”. I wanted to ask him why, but when I turned around he was gone. I wasn’t sure what to do but I walked down to the village. As I was coming closer I realised that the village was very old and different from any village I had seen before. Then it hit me… I was somewhere in the past! Now I knew why my phone was dead, it’s because there was no signal…I was realy afraid and I didn’t know how it could have possibly happened. 

I didn’t know what to do. FInally, I decided to walk into the village. Everything looked very strange. The village wasn’t as small as I thought but there were only a few people there. Everyone looked sad and worried and when they saw me they looked shocked. One woman asked me who I was. I told her my name and tried to explain to her that I was the future. I also said I didn’t know how I got here or what happened but everything looked like I had travelled in time. She couldn,t believe me but then I saw the old man again. He said that they had to believe me and I could help them. I asked how I could help. The woman told me that they have a strange illness in the village and the people and animals are dying. Then I remembered the old man knew my name and I wanted to ask how was it possible. But again he disappeared. It was very strange but I didn’t have time to think about it because the woman took me to her house to show her mother laying in bed with this sickness.  

The old woman had very pale skin, she was coughing and crying and her tears were blood. It looked very scary and I had never seen anything like that before. The woman who took me there told me that many people had this illness and most of them die only a few days after they show symtoms. She also said that they didn’t have any medicine to help and they didn’t know what to do. She looked so sad, and because I am a medical student I decided to try to help. I asked this woman was the illness infectious. She said  there wasn’t any rule. Some people got sick and some people not. I examined the old woman and I found she had strong stomach pain. Then I knew  it must be caused by food or water. I asked the younger woman to show me what they ate and drank in this village. 

She brought me to the water well and the water looked clean and she showed me her food but it also looked  normal. I didn’t really know where  the problem was and I wanted to give up. Then I noticed that in one field which was farther then the others,a strange vegetable  was growing. I asked her about this vegetable,and what was it called. She said it was called galair but she didn’t know anything else because she didn’t work in this field. I asked her if I could come closer and check this vegetable.  So I went to the field and I looked at vegetable carefully. It was oval shape and very big. It was white and had black spots on it. I asked the woman for how long are they growing this. She said it was new vegetable they got from a trader from the West.  

I took the vegetable to the village and tried to do some tests. When I poured water on the vegetable I noticed the black spots covered all the vegetable and it started to crack. That’s when I realised that the vegetable had to be causing this. I only had to ask the woman if her mother ate the vegetable and she said that it was possible. I told her find out if other people who are sick ate this vegetable. We found out that many people were sick after eatng this vegetable. After that I knew exactly what was causing the illness and I told her to tell  everybody to stop eating this vegetable immediately. After a few days the illness started to fade away and the people stopped growing this vegetable. 

When this problem was gone I wanted to find a way to go back to the future. I thought that maybe this strange old man could help me but the problem was while I was helping the people I didn’t see him even once. I asked this woman who I knew to help me find this man. She said he had probably died during the illness because he was vey old. I asked her how was it possible that he knew my name but she didn’t know the answer. In spite of what she said I searched the village looking for him because I knew he was the only one who could help me get back home. It was all for nothing and I couldn’t find him. I decided to go to the forest looking for the place where I started this journey and there suddenly I saw this man. I started to ask him about everything that happened, who he was, how he knew me and why he always disappeared. The man didn’t answer any of my questions he just smiled and just disappeared in front of my eyes.  

I really didn’t know what had happened and that I probably will never get an answer to my questions. I was desperate and lost. I didn’t know what I was going to do but I guessed that I will just have to stay here and try to live like these people. It was the strangest journey and now I can’t find my way back.